10 Ways to Increase the Intelligence Development of Children

10 Ways to Increase the Intelligence Development of Children

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10 ways to increase the intelligence development of children… Many parents wonder in what ways and how much they can develop their children’s intelligence and what should be done in childhood. Intelligence is the innate of the individual, genetically passed from generation to generation and covering the functions of the nervous system; a combination shaped by experience, learning and environmental influence.

As can be seen from the definition, when it comes to intelligence, gene and environmental conditions have a rate of fifty percent each. In other words, 50 percent genetic structure, 50 percent how you raise her and what environment you will provide are the determining factors in your child’s intelligence development. Childhood is a very valuable period when intelligence can be developed and abilities can be increased. But what can be done?

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  • 10 Ways to Increase Children’s Intelligence Development
    • Planned and conscious pregnancy
    • Stimulus richness
    • Breast milk
    • Omega-rich diet
    • Increasing opportunities for socialization
    • Reading books
    • Sport and movement
    • Brain teasers, puzzles
    • Music
    • Emphasis on emotional intelligence

10 Ways to Increase Children’s Intelligence Development

Expert Clinical Psychologist Reyhan Algül from Acıbadem University Atakent Hospital, explained the ways to increase your child’s intelligence in 10 steps, and made important warnings and suggestions.

10 Ways to Increase Children’s Intelligence Development

Planned and conscious pregnancy

Developing some abilities becomes extremely difficult after adulthood. The first step in developing this potential in childhood is the pregnancy period of the mother. Consciousness of the expectant mother during pregnancy as well as a planned pregnancy; Besides being psychologically ready for motherhood; It is very important that he does not use cigarettes, alcohol and drugs, does not have a psychiatric disorder, and receives support from his wife.

Stimulus richness

The most important factor increasing the intelligence potential of babies after they are born is the richness of stimuli. The excessive stimuli increase the synaptic connections in the baby’s brain. Presenting a stimulus-rich environment is realized primarily by the mother’s eye contact with the baby, talking and playing with the baby. The way a baby is genuinely cared for learning increases with his environmental awareness and nature.

Breast milk

It has been scientifically proven that breast milk increases intelligence. Studies show that babies fed with breast milk are more intelligent and capable, have better development and have higher intelligence scores.

10 Ways to Increase Children’s Intelligence Development

Omega-rich diet

In childhood, foods such as walnuts, fish, pulses have a positive effect on intelligence. It is important to include these in child nutrition. Children should stay away from biscuits, wafers, sugary foods and fast-food foods, which are called junk food, and they should be given a healthy and balanced diet.

Increasing opportunities for socialization

Children learn by modeling elders and peer interaction. Intelligence and language skills of children who are socialized from an early age are higher.

Reading books

It is known that children who read books from infancy also have better intelligence and language skills, can make longer sentences and express themselves better. For this reason, tell your baby fairy tales and read a book in a soft and sweet tone from the day he was born. Verbalize everything you do, look into his eyes and talk to him with a smile.

Sport and movement

Sport and movement have a profound effect on the development of synaptic connections in the brain. Directing children to sports from an early age increases their intelligence scores during the school period. Children who are allowed to move freely, for example taken to the park, who can play comfortably, can also progress better in terms of development.

Brain teasers, puzzles

From childhood, the importance given to activities that support both fine motor activities and memory-enhancing provide great benefits. Games such as wooden cubes, puzzles in infancy, matching cards in childhood, reading a book to the child after reading a book, riddles and matching games increase the intelligence potential of children.


Whether music actually increases intelligence during pregnancy is still debated, listening to music is of great importance for the development of receptive language skills and the formation of a sense of rhythm in children. It is also known that being able to play a musical instrument has an increasing effect on intelligence scores.

Emphasis on emotional intelligence

It is also very important to try not to raise children who are very intelligent but cannot adapt to society or are psychologically incompatible. Intelligence is important, but emotional intelligence is much more valuable. That’s why you need to want your child to grow up as a sensitive, compassionate and empathetic individual, just like you want his intelligence to be high, even more than him.