2 Formulas to Quickly Eliminate Cystic Pimples

2 Formulas to Quickly Eliminate Cystic Pimples

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Percentage and especially occurring in the chin area cystic acne is considered as a skin problem because of both its color and shape and its long healing time.

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  • 2 Formulas to Quickly Eliminate Cystic Pimples
    • Carbonate
    • Apple Vinegar

2 Formulas to Quickly Eliminate Cystic Pimples

Popping, squeezing or playing with cystic pimples may cause them to heal later or reappear in a close area.

Eliminating cystic acne with natural methods

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Carbonate, which has antiseptic properties and is frequently used in skin care, is also used in the treatment of cystic acne. It is used for all types of acne with its natural anti-bacterial properties.

1- 2 tablespoons of baking soda is mixed with distilled water to form a mask. Then it is applied on cystic pimples. After waiting for 15-20 minutes, rinse with warm water. Moisturizer is applied after the skin does not dry.

Apple Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar, one of the most effective methods of removing bacteria, is very effective in eliminating cystic acne and acne. Apple cider vinegar, which provides sebum balance and pH balance, cystic acne treatment

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It is applied directly over cystic formations in inflamed acne. A few drops of apple cider vinegar is dropped on a piece of cotton and applied on the cystic acne. It is gently wiped without pressing. 2-3 hours are expected to dry the cyst thoroughly. It is then rinsed with water. It is applied every day until the appearance of cystic pimples decreases.

It can be observed that all cystic and inflamed pimples have healed within a few weeks. The skin is beautiful, the pores are tightened and you get a radiant look.