2019 Couple Wedding Ring Trends

2019 Couple Wedding Ring Trends

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Latest fashion couple wedding ring models In 2019, we come across with much more mobile models and made from a combination of two different materials. In 2019 couple wedding ring models draws attention mainly with details that add movement to the ring such as patterns, stones and inscriptions. The classic use of the stone on the top of the ring has undergone a change in 2019. Stones are now being used both on the top and sides of the ring.

You Can Have Different Wedding Ring Designs In 2019

For couples who like simple designs, it seems that the knurled-edged models or mosaic-made models, which are predominantly white and yellow, will be ideal in 2019. Another model option that you may encounter frequently in 2019 will have spiral designs. Rings with spiral designs are included in single stone designs in wedding ring options for women.

Wedding Ring Models For Those Who Love Simple Designs

2019 wedding ring models, one of the most striking ones will be the models with stones on the edges. These models are preferred with their stylish, simple and remarkable designs. These models, which have many different color options, only use stones on the edges. This design detail adds sparkle to wedding rings, but it does not look too exaggerated. In this way, it creates a nice alternative for those who love plain models. Wedding ring prices 2019 It varies according to the models and designs they have.