3 Most Curious Ingredients About Fish Oil!

3 Most Curious Ingredients About Fish Oil!

3 substances that are curious about fish oil!
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1- What is oxidation in fish oil, how is it prevented?

Fish oils in various forms are available for consumer use. When choosing, it is necessary to consider the possibility of oxidation. Fish oils start to react with oxygen from the moment their packages are opened, and their taste and smell may deteriorate. *

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Oxidation Control – Best Practices Report prepared by GOED (Independent Global Organization of EPA and DHA Omega3s in 2017) Factors determining oxidation exposure to air (oxygen), temperature, time, light, metal content (especially iron and copper) It is listed as water content, antioxidants and other factors.

According to the European Food Safety Authority (2010 publication Guide EFSA) for fish oils, protection from oxidation can be achieved by storing them in cold and dark conditions, adding antioxidants and preserving them without exposure to oxygen.

The individually packaged forms are not exposed to oxidation since they do not come into contact with oxygen until opened.

* GOED Oxidation in Omega-3 Oils: An Overwiev

2- How long and how many doses should fish oil supplements be used?

Our body cannot produce Omega-3 itself, so it must be supplemented with food from outside.

DHA contained in Omega-3; contributes to the maintenance of normal brain functions. *

Scientific studies do not give a limit to limit the duration of use, but indicate that regular use will be beneficial.

The European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) recommends daily intake of Omega3 in the amount of 250mg EPA + DHA for children aged 2-18 years.

* 26. Turkish Food Codex Regulation on Nutrition and Health Statements dated 01. 2017 and numbered 29960

3- Is it right to take fish oil supplements in summer?

Fish oil supplements are seasonal.

In the summer months, with the effect of oxidation with the heat, a decrease in nutritional values ​​can be seen with the change of taste and smell. In summer, the importance of consuming individually packaged products against oxidation and cold storage measures increases.

The beneficial effect is achieved by taking 250 mg of DHA daily. A balanced and varied diet is important for a healthy life.

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EasyFishoil, produced in Norway with its patented formula, does not come into contact with oxygen until it is opened in its disposable packaging. Thus, it provides protection against oxidation, its taste and odor are not spoiled.

It can be used easily because it is in chewable gel form.
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Do not exceed the recommended daily serving.
Supplementary foods cannot replace normal nutrition. Keep out of reach of children.
It is not a medicine. It is not used for the prevention and treatment of diseases. Consult your doctor during pregnancy and breastfeeding, and in case of illness or medication use. Do not use products with damaged packaging. Excessive consumption can create a laxative effect.
Allergen: Contains fish oil.