4 reasons to sweeten your iftar tables with ice cream!

4 reasons to sweeten your iftar tables with ice cream!

4 reasons to sweeten your iftar tables with ice cream!
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Ramadan has arrived… Again, iftar tables consisting of delicious flavors will be set and of course the main star of the meal, the dessert, will be kept at the end as usual. But beware! While the meal eaten after a long hunger is already exhausting the body, consuming a heavy dessert on top can turn into a torment rather than a pleasure. That’s why we recommend that you make the closing with lighter desserts. For example, ice cream and its varieties may be the ideal choice for iftar evenings.

First of all it refreshes

Ice cream, which is a real source of calcium and protein thanks to its milk content; In addition to this feature, since it is a low-calorie dessert, it does not create a feeling of heaviness. On the contrary, it provides a pleasant feeling to end warm Ramadan evenings.

Healthier than sherbet desserts

Fasting periods this year will reach 15-16 hours. After such prolonged fasting, intense and fast meals can inevitably cause blood sugar to rise rapidly. Suddenly rising blood sugar, on the other hand, suddenly decreases the need for sweet eating. In such a case, the dessert with sherbet cannot be easily digested, making it difficult to sleep well until sahur and may cause weight gain. A small portion of ice cream eaten after the meal provides suppression of the sweet crisis without straining the digestive system.

Its preparation is extremely practical.

The preparation of desserts with syrup also requires a great effort. When preparing this type of desserts, it is absolutely necessary to pay attention to the consistency of the dough, the cooking time and its compatibility with the sherbet. When one of these is done wrong, the dessert may not taste as desired. However, there is no such risk in ice cream! It can be easily served either plain or with seasonal fruits.

It is the source of happiness

Ice cream, which is a favorite of everyone from 7 to 77, can also bring sweet conversations with it at iftar tables. When it comes to sharing ice cream during Ramadan, when the desire for sharing increases, sweet bickering with the little ones of the house can be inevitable. When the conversation experienced in those moments is combined with the serotonin (happiness hormone) store of ice cream, the pleasure and peace of the iftar tables increase even more.