5 important tips to get great photos

5 important tips to get great photos

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Nowadays, with the increasing use of social media, the interest in photography has increased significantly. Now, we almost communicate by sending photos to each other or adding photos to our social media accounts instead of chatting. In addition to professional cameras, every new model of smartphones is also produced with much more advanced camera features, as well as supporting this change. All we have to do is take great photos. So, what do you need to pay attention to to take professional quality photos? We researched for you…

Remember that the frames you take reflect you

Everyone has a story and what they want to tell about life. Photography is one of the most enjoyable options a person can choose to reflect his inner world. It is possible to shoot photographs in many different fictions, from nature photography to portrait photography, from street photography to detail photography. Try them out as much as you can and set your own style and make sure that you have traces in every shot you take.

Adjust the light well

The word photograph, which means painting with light in ancient Greek, actually sums up the action exactly. Because in a successful photo frame, first of all, the light must be set correctly. This is why we like the photos taken at the best hours such as sunrise and sunset. For this reason, if you are going to take pictures outdoors, choose the hours when the sunlight is as oblique as possible. Remember that if you do not have a light source in closed areas, positioning the object you will shoot in a place that receives light will greatly affect the result.

Set the frame well

Think of the photograph as small squares in which you fit the moments and pay attention to the aesthetic presence of the elements in that frame for a good photograph. For a much more natural and balanced composition, use the golden ratio rule, which we call the 1/3 rule. For this, divide the frame in your mind into 3 equal squares, horizontal and vertical, and take care to position your object at the intersection lines of these squares. Adopt the rule with lots of practice. In this way, you will not even be able to believe the developments in the photos you have taken over time.

Don’t zoom your camera

When you select the zoom feature of your camera to capture a distant object, you compromise the quality of your photo and you get a pixel-by-pixel photo. Some cameras have an optical zoom feature in order not to reduce the quality. If your camera does not have an optical zoom feature, instead of zooming the camera into the lens, you get closer to the object.

Don’t settle for what you shot

Many people, including professional photographers, use photo editing apps today. With these applications, effects can be applied to the whole photo, as well as more technical changes such as partial coloring, lighting and focusing. Take advantage of these applications to achieve the best shot and try to master these applications as much as shooting techniques.

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