7 Foods That Increase Your Chances of Getting Pregnant with Twins

7 Foods That Increase Your Chances of Getting Pregnant with Twins

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A baby brings tremendous happiness in your life and twin babies are twice as fun and make you feel on top of the world. But not all parents have the same view. While many people are afraid of having twins or more babies at the same time, others are desperately having twin babies. Are you and your spouse in the second category? Then this article is for you!

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  • Foods That Increase Your Chances of Getting Pregnant with Twins
    • Pineapple Seed
    • Tapioca
    • Folic Acid
    • Yam Vegetable (Dioscorea)
    • Milk
    • Maca root
    • Carbohydrates
  • Other Ways to Increase Your Chances of Having Twins
    • 1. IVF Method
    • 2. Fertility Drugs

Foods That Increase Your Chances of Getting Pregnant with Twins

Foods to conceive twins naturally

It is not only your genes that work, but also your dietary habits. In the article below, We have listed a variety of foods that can increase your fertility so ​​you have a higher chance of getting pregnant with twins.

Pineapple Seed

Pineapples, as it may increase fetility is a great way to increase your chances of having twins. You can include the pineapple fruit core in your diet.

The presence of bromelain, a type of protein, in pineapples aids in ovulation and fertilization.


Tapioca is a starchy product. Most women lay an egg at the time of ovulation. Twins are formed when the egg divides in half after fertilization or when two separate eggs are fertilized.

Foods That Increase the Likelihood of Twins Pregnancy

Some researchers have proven that eating tapioca can help a woman release more than one egg during ovulation. Releasing more than one egg increases the chances of having twins. However, in this case, the twins may not be identical twins, but fraternal twins because two separate eggs are fertilized.

Folic Acid

Folic acid is one of the essential needs of your growing baby, and your doctor may recommend folic acid supplements along with other vitamins during your pregnancy. Avocado, spinach, broccoli and asparagus is also a good source of folic acid. Apart from this, it is recommended that women who are trying to conceive regularly consume folic acid to increase their chances of conceiving.

Foods That Increase Your Chances of Getting Pregnant with Twins

Researchers also found that taking higher amounts of folic acid could increase a woman’s chances of having twin babies. If you are trying to conceive twins, you can take twice the recommended dose to increase your fertility. However, before doing this, be sure to consult your doctor. You can check the comments of People Using Folic Acid During Pregnancy on our forum page.

Yam Vegetable (Dioscorea)

Yam vegetable is not known by many citizens. It looks like a sweet potato. Africa is a tuber-type vegetable that is on the Asian side.

One study found that people from the Yoruba tribe in Nigeria had a high percentage of twins. It was found to be due to the significant amount of potatoes in their diet.

Yams are a rich source of progesterone and phytoestrogens, and this can lead to excessive ovulation. Therefore, the high amount of potatoes in their diet has been reported as a possible cause of twin or multiple births.


One study found that women who consume more milk and milk derivatives are five times more likely to have twin babies than women who consume less milk or dairy products.

foods that increase the chance of multiple pregnancy

It has been observed that the consumption of milk and other dairy products increases a certain type of protein in the body called “insulin-like growth factor”. This type of protein is found in cow’s milk and can also be obtained from other animal products. When you consume more milk, your ovaries have a greater chance of releasing more eggs. conceiving twins increases the probability.

Maca root

Maca root consumption is very beneficial for men and women with fertility problems. Additionally, consuming maca root is recommended for women who want to have twins, as it can increase their fertility.

those who got pregnant with maca root

While there isn’t much evidence to support this claim, it’s worth a try. This root can be consumed raw, dried or in powder form. You can check the forum topic, The Miracle Plant in Infertility, MACA.


Carbohydrates are a good option if you want to plan for twin babies. Carbohydrates are great for your body.

Foodstuffs such as legumes, grains, and vegetables are great sources of carbohydrates. Not only are you more likely to have twins due to increased fertility with this type of diet, but a diet rich in carbohydrates will affect babies neurally. prevent birth defects

Even can help. You can check out our article, The 10 Healthiest Low-Carb Vegetables.

foods that make it easier to get pregnant

Attention: Adding the above-mentioned foods to your diet can help you have twin babies. However, you should contact your doctor before making any dietary changes while trying to conceive. In addition to these dietary changes, some lifestyle changes are also recommended.

If you are thin, it is recommended that you gain some weight because studies f underweight women showed a higher chance of conceiving with twins.

It has also been observed that women who are taller than shorter or of average height women are more likely to have twins. If you are breastfeeding and if you are planning to have twins, it is a good idea to continue breastfeeding. This is because breastfeeding increases your chances of having twins by 9 times.

Having twins may also depend on your genes. For example, African women have a higher chance of having twins than Caucasian women; Spanish or Asian women are less likely to have twins.

Other Ways to Increase Your Chances of Having Twins

There are some medical methods to increase your chances of conceiving twins. However, always consult your doctor when considering the following methods:

1. IVF Method

The eggs taken from the woman during IVF are taken and fertilized by her husband’s sperm in the laboratory.

method of having twin babies with IVF

Once embryos are formed, they are transferred to the uterus of one or more women to result in a positive pregnancy. However, it appears that multiple embryo transfer can lead to multiple pregnancies (or twins). For this reason, you can choose IVF (IVF) treatment to increase your chance of having twin babies.

2. Fertility Drugs

Fertility drugs increase the number of eggs released by the ovaries to increase the chance of conception. However, this also increases the likelihood of more than one egg being fertilized, resulting in fraternal twins.

Because fertility drugs can only be taken in a certain amount depending on your medical and physical health, a doctor should be consulted before trying a multiple pregnancy method.

There are undoubtedly many factors that can affect your chances of having twin babies. However, you can try some of the above suggestions to have a twin baby. If you would like to learn more about having twin babies, contact your doctor.