8 Ways to Understand Baby’s Gender with Granny Methods at Home

8 Ways to Understand Baby’s Gender with Granny Methods at Home

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In the first months of pregnancy, the gender of the baby is not known. However, for expectant mothers who are very curious, we prepared an article to understand the gender of the baby with grandmother methods at home. Of course, there is no scientific explanation, but you can try these fun and exciting methods.

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  • How to Understand the Sex of the Baby?
  • Is My Baby Girl? Is it a man? 8 Methods
    • Heartbeat
    • Ring Test
    • Foot Test
    • Nozzle Tip Test
    • Garlic Test
    • Lower Upper Test
    • Nausea Test
    • Red Cabbage Test

How To Determine The Sex Of The Baby?

In the ultrasound examination, the gender of the baby is determined at the earliest in the 13th week. This may vary depending on the baby’s position. The expectant mother who learns that she is pregnant enters in an exciting anticipation. In the past, when there were no ultrasound devices, there were methods used in gender determination prediction, although they were not scientifically based. You can easily try these methods at home.

Is My Baby Girl? Is it a man? 8 Methods

We will share the baby gender determination predictions with you, and we will be glad if you share the results as a comment.


According to the old times, if the heartbeat of the baby is below 140, it was interpreted as a baby boy and above it as a baby girl.

Ring Test

It is the most well-known gender test. The mother’s hair strand is passed over a face and gently swayed on her belly. If the ring is in a circular motion, it means a girl in a vertical movement, and a baby boy.

Foot Test

If your feet are cold during pregnancy, this is considered to mean a baby boy.

Nozzle Tip Test

If your nipple becomes too dark during pregnancy, it means a male baby. You can browse our forum topic Easy Gender Prediction with Nipple.

Garlic Test

If the mother-to-be eats a clove of garlic and her skin has an intense odor, it means a baby girl if there is no baby boy.

Lower Upper Test

If the baby is on the lower part of your belly, it means a boy, and if it is on the upper side, it means a girl.

Nausea Test

If you have excessive nausea in the first months of pregnancy, it is interpreted as a girl, if you have less nausea, it is interpreted as a baby boy.

Red Cabbage Test

Boil the red cabbage. Drain the water. Drip a few drops of urine in it. If the water turns purple, if the boy stays pink, it means a baby girl.

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