A great beginner guide to making pictures

A great beginner guide to making pictures

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We always admire people who are capable of painting. But we often hesitate to give ourselves a chance in this area. However, everyone can paint well, although not as much as painters. How Does? Here are the details …

Study famous paintings

The best way to improve yourself in the field of painting is to examine famous painters’ paintings and research their stories. Even the direction and density of the brush marks in the paintings you examine can tell a lot. Paintings from Picasso to Botticelli, from Van Gogh to Leonardo da Vinci can be a good guide for you in this sense. Assimilating the way the painters express themselves can make it easier for you to direct your own paintings.

Choose your materials

Is it a pencil drawing or a watercolor? First, decide on painting materials that will make you feel best. Try all the techniques as possible in the decision phase. Focus on materials that you will not have difficulty expressing yourself. In this way, you can increase the pleasure you get from your work equally.

Set your style

Mysterious figures like Salvador Dali or more realistic lines like Osman Hamdi Bey? Deciding whether the drawings you will reflect your inner world will be abstract or concrete determines the style to a great extent. This choice you make makes the subject you will apply look different. For example; Concrete figures may come to mind when it comes to landscape painting, but you can also prefer abstract expression by using more fairy-tale expressions such as Monet.

Practice plenty

Practicing your hand increases your tendency towards painting. Instead of constantly squeezing yourself into a workshop to paint, try to draw as you find space throughout the day. For this, do not neglect to always have a small notebook and pen with you.

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