Anthrax Symptoms And Treatment

Anthrax Symptoms And Treatment

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Anthrax disease symptoms of anthrax are important, as it is a disease that is not known precisely how it occurs and can be fatal if not treated. Another name for anthrax disease; anthrax is a spleen burn or anthrax.

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  • What Are Types of Anthrax?
  • Initiation and Diagnosis of Cutaneous Anthrax
  • Anthrax Treatment
  • Anthrax Symptoms
    • Is Skin Anthrax Contagious?
  • How to Prevent Anthrax?

What Are Types of Anthrax?

There are 3 types of anthrax according to the way it enters the body. Skin, intestine and lung

The most common type of anthrax is skin anthrax. It is transmitted especially from open, cracked and injured areas of the skin.

Initiation and Diagnosis of Cutaneous Anthrax

Initiation of skin anthrax, where anthrax enters the skin, redness, swelling and swelling occur. Later on, this swelling turns into a wound and a black dead tissue accumulates in the middle. Therefore in public black bubble

It is also referred to as .

Anthrax Treatment

It can be treated with antibiotics. However, it may result in death in untreated patients. Penicillin is used against anthrax bacteria. Those with allergies should use ciprofloxacin. In lung anthrax, a monoclonal antibody preparation is recommended in addition to effective antibiotic treatment. The harms of excessive antibiotic use

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Anthrax Symptoms

Symptoms of anthrax is observed in man as follows;

  • In cutaneous anthrax, initially redness, swelling and most characteristic scar formation with black dead cells in the middle
  • Nausea, decreased appetite, vomiting, high fever and severe abdominal pain in intestinal anthrax,
  • In pulmonary anthrax, high fever, feeling of cold and chills are seen.
Cutaneous Anthrax Disease

Is Skin Anthrax Contagious?

Cutaneous anthrax is an infectious disease. As we mentioned above, there are 3 types of anthrax disease and the species are separated from each other according to the transmission type. Anthrax transmitted through the skin is called skin anthrax and is the most common type of anthrax.

It occurs as a result of contact with anthrax animals, feces, materials or meat. Anthrax from people to other people a transmitted disease. In other words, while it is not transmitted from person to person, it can be transmitted by contact with diseased animals and materials. People diagnosed with cutaneous anthrax antibiotic therapy.

How to Prevent Anthrax?

  • When the anthrax meat is cooked

    Even should not be eaten and even any product or material used by animals with anthrax disease should not be touched.

  • Animals that die from anthrax should be buried in pits opened at least 2 meters deep and the surrounding area should be disinfected with lime.
  • Tools and equipment used by sick animals must be disinfected.
  • The feed and manure of sick animals should be burned.
  • Anthrax vaccines should be given to all animals in the environment.