Are Cultured Mushrooms Poisons? Fungal Poisoning Treatment

Are Cultured Mushrooms Poisons? Fungal Poisoning Treatment

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As a result of various experiments conducted by the experts investigating the answer to the question of whether the mushroom is poisonous, no toxic substance has been detected. Cultured mushroom popularly known as the princess with a white hat, poisonous mushrooms

It is not included in the category. Cultured mushrooms, most of which grow in Antalya and its surroundings in our country, are completely healthy. Mushrooms collected from the wild are shown as the source of mushroom poisoning. Mushrooms collected from nature are actually a complete gamble. Even those experienced in this field hardly understand whether the mushrooms grown in nature are poisonous or not, and sometimes even make mistakes.

Things to Consider When Buying Mushrooms

There are some points that we should pay attention to when purchasing mushrooms offered for sale in markets and markets. It is useful to stay away from mushrooms collected from the nature, especially in the spring with abundant rainfall. Experts therefore cultivated mushroom recommends consuming. Packaged mushrooms should be preferred especially when purchasing and, if possible, should be consumed within the day the package is opened.
Sometimes microorganisms can be found on cultivated fungi. These microorganisms can cause mild intestinal and stomach pain in those who consume the cultivated mushroom raw. Stating that this situation should not be confused with poisoning, experts stated that there is no poison in well-cleaned and cooked cultivated mushrooms.

Health Benefits of Cultured Mushrooms

Is the mushroom healthy?

The answer to the question is absolutely yes. Cultured mushrooms, which are perfect for dieters and diabetics, are very rich in B, C vitamins and minerals. Cultured mushrooms containing calcium, phosphorus, iron, copper and potassium minerals contain deficiencies especially needed by patients suffering from anemia. Despite its low carbohydrate and fat ratio, almost all of its high protein can be digested by our body. Consumption of cultivated mushrooms, which is among the vegetables with the highest nutritional value, is also recommended by specialist physicians.

Fungal Poisoning Treatment Methods

Mushroom poisoning treatment is not done at home. If you suspect that someone or yourself has been poisoned by the mushroom you eat, the first thing you should do is call the ambulance. Do not give the patient food such as yoghurt and ayran that will make the patient vomit. If the patient is vomiting, placing the patient in the correct position should prevent the vomit from filling the lungs. The only precaution you can take against poisoning is to consume cultivated mushrooms instead of wild-collected mushrooms.