Are Sleeping Medications Harmful, What Are Their Side Effects?

Are Sleeping Medications Harmful, What Are Their Side Effects?

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Whether sleeping pills are harmful or not, is highly curious by those who suffer from sleep problems and it is being investigated whether sleeping pills have side effects. Sleeping for at least 6 hours a day is a need for humans. Although difficulties in falling asleep, frequent interruptions in sleep and being tired, sleep disorders are generally psychological disorders. Those who have complaints in this way use sleeping pills to get rid of these ailments.

Is It Harmful to Take Sleeping Medicine?

“Whether sleeping pills are harmful or not” Does sleeping pills kill “ questions are sought for answers. As with all medicines, there are side effects and some damages in sleeping pills. However, sleep medications, which are frequently preferred in the treatment of psychological disorders, are used on doctor’s recommendation;

  • Getting rid of physical and mental fatigue,
  • Preventing sleep disorders,
  • In the treatment of psychological disorders

It gives successful results and positively affects human life. The use of such sleep medications should be avoided, as the negative effects of sleeping pills that are used randomly and without a doctor’s advice are more than their benefits.

When Should You Use Sleeping Medicine?

Can you buy sleeping pills without a prescription

Although the answer to the question is welcomed, the drugs purchased from pharmacies without a prescription are drugs that are produced in lower doses and in the form of herbal active substances compared to prescription drugs. Although the side effects of such drugs are less than prescription drugs, it should never be forgotten that sleeping pills can be addictive.

Prescription sleep medications, on the other hand, are green prescription, red prescription and normal prescription drugs. These drugs, which are usually prescribed by psychiatrists, are aimed at preventing sleep disorders and reducing psychological problems. Each prescription sleep medicine can have different effects on different people. For this reason, if you do not see the expected benefit from the prescribed sleep medicine, it is useful to consult your doctor.

Are There Possible Side Effects of Sleep Medicines?

Sleeping pills are widely used by those who have sleep problems, stress and psychological disorders. Sleeping pills are available in prescription and nonprescription types. If you have decided to use sleeping pills, it is useful to do this on the advice of your doctor. Because the expected benefit from sleeping pills creates side effects over time and negatively affects your health. Sleeping pills side effects;

  • Causes addictions that make you want to use constantly and require dose increase,
  • Triggering ailments such as depression and high blood pressure,
  • Effects such as falling, dizziness, fainting in elderly people,
  • Adverse situations such as early death risk,
  • Damaging consequences to the brain, such as Alzheimer’s and forgetfulness,
  • Attention loss such as morning sleepiness, traffic accidents

Care should be taken when using sleeping pills because of their serious side effects. If sleeping pill is preferred as a treatment method, the dose amount determined by your doctor and medication usage processes should be followed.