Bronchitis Symptoms and Treatment in Children

Bronchitis Symptoms and Treatment in Children

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We investigated the causes and treatment of bronchitis in children for you. Among the ways to protect the child from bronchitis, the best known method, which is said to be beneficial by doctors, is to give the child the flu vaccine.

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  • Symptoms of Bronchitis in Children
  • When to Consult a Doctor With Bronchitis Complaint?
  • How Is Bronchitis Treated?
  • What Is Good For Bronchitis In Children?
  • How to Protect Children From Bronchitis?
  • What Causes Bronchitis in Children?
  • Should Antibiotics Be Used in Bronchitis in Children?

Symptoms of Bronchitis in Children

The main symptoms of bronchitis in children are:

  • Coughing up phlegm
  • Feeling tired
  • Difficulty breathing and a shortness of breath
  • Frequent sneezing
  • Redness in the eyes
  • Feeling pain in the throat
  • Fever rising
  • Runny nose

When to Consult a Doctor With Bronchitis Complaint?

Usually as bronchitis in children acute bronchiolitis is more common. Inflammation in these bronchi can resolve spontaneously within a few weeks. Coughing may continue, but this will pass within 15-20 days.

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If the condition does not disappear within 15-20 days and the symptoms of bronchitis continue to be seen more severe, a doctor should be consulted. If no treatment is done at this point turns into chronic bronchitis and in this case the severity and risks of the disease increase. Some of the risk factors for chronic bronchitis include:

  • Having chronic sinusitis
  • Emergence of asthma
  • Swelling of the tonsils
  • Low immune system of the child
  • Air pollution and allergens such as pollen and dust are also risk factors for bronchitis.
  • Reflux
  • Cigarette smoke
Bronchitis and asthma in children

How Is Bronchitis Treated?

In case of acute bronchiolitis, the child will recover within 2-3 weeks. If acute bronchiolitis recurs frequently, the child chronic bronchitis. It is also necessary to suspect whether asthma is present or not. Doctor to a child with acute bronchiolitis due to bacterial infection antibiotic therapy can apply.

Treatments are applied for the purpose of widening the airways of the child and increasing oxygenation. It is ensured that the child consumes sufficient amount of fluid and has a priority nasal congestion is intended to eliminate.

Especially in children under 2 years of age, the treatment process should be followed and it should not be late. If you wish, you can visit our forum page for mothers with bronchitis.

What Is Good For Bronchitis In Children?

We will give a paste recipe that is good for bronchitis and cough for adults and children.

what is good for bronchitis in children


  • Edible Okra seed
  • Natural genuine honey
  • Natural olive oil


Grind the okra seeds from the plant until they turn into flour. Then pass it through a flour sieve. Mix honey and olive oil with okra seeds sieved in a bowl until it has a paste. Put this paste in a separate glass bowl. Take this paste about a teaspoon 30 minutes before breakfast. Use for 1 week. By the way Do not apply without consulting your doctor. With the wish of healing. .

How to Prevent Children From Bronchitis?

Flu vaccine

Thanks to , children’s resistance level increases and there is a decrease in the likelihood of developing diseases. At the same time, if children are not protected from bronchitis, if precautions are not taken, or if the bronchitis is not treated, the child may develop recurrent wheezing and asthma. Should Children Have the Flu Vaccine If You Wish? You can visit our forum page.

Parents should be very cautious about this. Protection methods for children from bronchitis are listed below;

  • Children should be kept away from dusty city air and fresh air should be provided.
  • Smoking should not be allowed next to the child, and for any reason the child should not breathe cigarette air.
  • The child should definitely be vaccinated against flu.

Since bronchitis is a step towards many major diseases, families should take precautions and apply the above methods for bronchitis.

What Causes Bronchitis in Children?

According to experts, viral viruses are the biggest cause of bronchitis in children. Another reason is smoking next to the child or breathing cigarette smoke in the open area. At the same time, the child should wash their hands frequently.

Children can rub their hands around and then bring their hand to their mouth. Both a child because parents do not wash their hands often also children can get bronchitis.

Should Antibiotics Be Used in Bronchitis in Children?

Treatment of bronchitis in children, drugs such as antipyretic and pain reliever can be used. But, pain reliever in the treatment of bronchitis should not be used. Because antibiotics have no effect on bronchitis.