Can you eat yogurt with mushrooms? Are they poisons?

Can you eat yogurt with mushrooms? Are they poisons?

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Eating yogurt with mushrooms causes poisoning, or the mushroom grown in the meadow is not poisonous, there are misconceptions among the public. It is not enough to look at mushrooms that grow spontaneously in nature to see if they are poisonous. Poisonous mushrooms does not have any distinction in appearance. In order to consume mushrooms without fear of poisoning;

  • Avoiding consumption of unknown species,
  • To prefer the mushrooms from the packaged ones,
  • It would be reasonable to examine the details such as the place of manufacture, date of manufacture and production permit of packaged mushrooms.

Does mushroom poisons

The answer to a common question like will be no after paying attention to the above. If you do not consume mushrooms of unknown species other than cultivated mushrooms and varieties, you will not be in danger of poisoning. There is no harm in consuming yogurt and mushrooms together. If the mushroom consumed is poisonous, it harms the body without any function of yogurt. At this point, attention should be paid to whether the mushroom is poisonous or not.

How to Tell If Mushrooms Are Fresh?

When buying mushrooms, it will be possible to understand whether it is fresh by paying attention to some points as well as details such as packaging, place of production, date. The points to be considered can be listed as follows;

  • The root of the mushroom must be closed. If the stem is closed and the bottom of the fungus is not visible, then the mushroom is called fresh.
  • It gives hints about the freshness of the mushrooms. If the mushroom stem does not turn yellow, it says fresh.
  • If the mushrooms are not watered and there is no blackening, they are fresh.
  • If the smell of the mushroom is like earth, then the mushroom is fresh.

How To Know If Mushrooms Are Poisonous?

It is difficult to tell if a mushroom is poisonous. It cannot be understood whether it is poisonous or not, especially by looking at its appearance. How to find out if mushrooms are poisonous

The answer to the question can be listed as follows;

  • Mushrooms growing on trees are not toxic.
  • If the color changes when the mushroom is plucked, it is non-toxic. If the mushroom part becomes blue when it is plucked, that mushroom is poisonous.
  • If the mushroom cooked with the help of a silver spoon is poisonous, blackening occurs on the silver spoon.
  • Snails do not approach and consume poisonous mushrooms.

One measure that can be taken for poisonous mushrooms is to soak them in vinegar and lemon water. Poisonous mushrooms become harmless when soaked in vinegar and lemon water.