Causes Bleeding in the First Weeks of Pregnancy?

Causes Bleeding in the First Weeks of Pregnancy?

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Bleeding in the first weeks of pregnancy and the brown color of these bleedings is considered normal. Bleeding during pregnancy can be caused by many reasons. Some of the causes that may cause bleeding are quite serious, while others are considered insignificant and normal.

How Do Bleeding During Pregnancy Go?

Pregnancy bleeding, which can be experienced due to many reasons, is very annoying and alarming for expectant mothers. In order to prevent negative developments that may occur in the future Those who experience bleeding in the first weeks of pregnancy should be examined by a gynecologist without considering it trivial.

Negative Reasons for Bleeding During the First Weeks of Pregnancy

Bleeding spotting during pregnancy can be considered normal depending on the situation. However, there may be many negative reasons underlying the bleeding experienced in the first weeks of pregnancy. These reasons can be listed as follows;

  • Bleeding as a sign of miscarriage or as a result of miscarriage,
  • As a result of problems with fertilization or as a result of the development of abnormal cells in the placenta, as a result of mole pregnancy bleeding and pain in the first weeks of pregnancy s occur.
  • In ectopic pregnancies caused by the development of the fertilized egg outside the uterus, pain and nausea occur on one side of the abdomen as well as bleeding.
  • During the implantation of the fertilized egg into the uterus, some vessels stuck in the uterus cause bleeding. In these cases, called implantation bleeding, Bleeding spotting during pregnancy and a small amount of pinkish color.
  • Bleeding, which is called over menstruation, is a very small amount of bleeding during pregnancy.
  • Sexual or vaginal infection causes bleeding in the first trimester of pregnancy.
  • Urinary tract infections cause vaginal bleeding.
  • Having sexual intercourse during pregnancy may cause you to have bleeding by causing irritation in the cervix area with increased blood flow rate during this period.
  • Bright red painless bleeding occurs if the placenta blocks the birth canal. This situation is dangerous and requires a short hospitalization.
  • Bleeding that occurs after the 20th week of pregnancy and before the 37th week is a harbinger of preterm labor.