Causes Bruising Under Detention In Babies? How Does It Go?

Causes Bruising Under Detention In Babies? How Does It Go?

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Under custody bruising in infants; Black eye in babies is the bruised appearance around the eyes. Under-eye bruise in baby usually worries parents, but this is often not a serious problem. However, sometimes it can be an indication of a very emergency situation such as a skull fracture. Black eye or black eye bruises can also be called bruises around the eyes.

In babies or children detention redness and bruise

When is seen, the first reason that comes to mind is allergic diseases. The causes of these bruises are mostly genetic reasons, simple problems such as allergies or thirst.

Causes of Under Detention Bruising in Babies

Causes of custody bruises can generally be simple as mentioned above. But besides this possible custody bruises cause can be:

  • Cold
  • Unbalanced nutrition
  • Skin aperture
  • Dehydration
  • Eczema
  • Chronic sinus infection
  • Allergy
  • Eye infection
  • Rubbing the eyes or catching germs

Another important reason may be respiratory tract infection. When there is a problem in breathing, the blood circulation in the capillaries under the eye becomes insufficient and the blood settles in custody and creates a purple appearance. This situation is more common especially in light-skinned babies or children.

under-eye bruise in babies

Under Eye Darkness in Babies Treatment

Detention of babies

In order to treat bruises, the cause of the bruises must first be correctly diagnosed by the doctor. If your baby or child has a bruise under custody, you must first make sure that your child is drinking enough water. The required amount will be advised to you by your doctor. It is useful to check this every day.

If a balanced diet is required, make sure your child eats enough green vegetables and fruits. Especially orange and red fruit consumption is one of the recommended treatments in such cases.

Warning: What is written here is general information as a suggestion. When you see a bruise in your baby or child, you should see your doctor without neglecting it.