Causes Gas During Pregnancy, How Does It Pass?

Causes Gas During Pregnancy, How Does It Pass?

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Causes of gas in pregnancy include hormonal and physiological changes experienced at the beginning. The progesterone hormone secreted during this period causes relaxation in the muscles of the digestive system, and as the pregnancy progresses, the uterus grows and presses the stomach and intestines and forms the basis of the gas problem. Being among the normal course of the pregnancy period and those who have gas pains during pregnancy

There are ways to deal with this problem that caused to go through a difficult period.

In Which Period of Pregnancy Is Gas Pain Seen?

During pregnancy, hormonal and physiological changes begin to occur from the first periods of pregnancy. These changes cause gas formation to occur in the early stages of pregnancy and continue until birth. What week of gas pain during pregnancy?

It can be pointed out that there is a long period to deal with the gas problem by answering the question within the first 4 weeks.

What Is Good For Gas Pain During Pregnancy?

The first way to deal with gas during pregnancy is through nutrition and regular exercise. Although eating less and less frequently and not swallowing air while eating is the first step to prevent gas formation;

  • Do not consume carbonated and acidic beverages,
  • Not to consume cow’s milk excessively,
  • Avoiding artificial sweeteners,
  • Consumption of legumes such as chickpeas and beans should not be excessive,
  • Limiting consumption of lentils, pickles, radishes and cabbage,
  • Avoiding excessively spicy foods

Helps prevent feeding-induced gas formation during pregnancy. Pregnancy exercises, walking and moving can speed up the digestive system and prevent gas formation as well as pregnancy carminative herbs

Support can be obtained from . Lemon balm, rosehip, linden, mint, chamomile and fennel are examples of carminative plants that will not harm the baby and the expectant mother during pregnancy. When the teas prepared from these plants are consumed during pregnancy, not two different herbal teas on the same day, it can prevent gas formation and is good for gas pains.