Causes jaundice in newborn babies, how is it treated?

Causes jaundice in newborn babies, how is it treated?

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Treatment of jaundice in newborns is provided by pediatricians when deemed necessary. The incidence of jaundice, which is observed in most of the newborn babies and considered normal, is around 60%. The incidence of preterm births of this disease, which is caused by the increase of the bilirubin substance in the blood, increases and occurs around 80%.

What is the Degree of Jaundice in Babies?

Degree of jaundice in babies is detected depending on the amount of bilirubin in the blood. If the bilirubin value exceeds 5 mg / dl, jaundice is diagnosed and the bilirubin rate is;

  • Head and neck region if between 5 and 8 mg / dl,
  • If between 8 and 10 mg / dl the upper body,
  • lower body if between 10 and 13 mg / dl,
  • Arms and legs if between 13 and 16 mg / dl,
  • 16 mg / dl and later on hands and feet

It creates degrees of yellowness by wrapping.

How Long Does Newborn Jaundice Last?

Newborn how long does jaundice last in babies

The answer to the question can be given at most 10 days after treatment. In premature births, the disease can manifest itself up to the 6th day of delivery in jaundice, when the treatment process begins with the symptoms of jaundice commonly observed on the 3rd day of birth.

Can Jaundice Be Treated at Home?

After hospital discharge how to pass jaundice in babies at home

By using methods, you can improve your baby’s jaundice and minimize the risk of jaundice.

  • Sun rays accelerate the burning of bilirubin. You can take it out to your baby.
  • Malnutrition is among the causes of jaundice. You can eliminate the risk of jaundice by breastfeeding your baby frequently, especially in the first weeks.

With the methods listed, you can prevent jaundice and improve your baby’s jaundice. Especially in the first 10 days, you can observe your baby well and you can follow the jaundice formation and healing process by looking at the whites in the head and eye areas frequently.