Causes of Low FSH During Pregnancy and Its Treatment

Causes of Low FSH During Pregnancy and Its Treatment

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Reason for low FSH during pregnancy is a decrease in the hormone level due to a disorder in the pituitary gland. FSH hormone levels are important hormones that affect having a child, and low or high levels of it are very effective on pregnancy. FSH hormone, which works depending on the pituitary gland, has an effect on women’s menstrual periods and ovulation periods and is necessary for the formation of placenta during pregnancy.

The constant feeling of hunger and being extremely stressed during pregnancy low FSH hormone

There are problems that depend on . Low FSH hormone;

  • In this situation, which is experienced due to being very weak or problems in the pituitary glands, the absence of eggs and sperm may be in question.
  • People who are very thin should be treated to return to their own weight.
  • Excessive weight loss due to low FSH may indicate the risk of ovarian cancer.

FSH Values ​​to Be Pregnant

FSH level shows the working condition of the genitals in men and women, and therefore the tests performed FSH hormone

The question of stay can be answered as follows;

  • If the FSH hormone value is less than 10 units, it indicates that the value is normal. In this case, the rate of pregnancy is very high.
  • A FSH hormone value higher than 10 units puts conception at risk and decreases the chances of conceiving.

How to Lower FSH High Values?

FSH hormone height is associated with a decrease in ovarian reserves with age and is irreversible. As the age progresses, women’s egg quality deteriorates and their number decreases, and this situation cannot be corrected with drugs and treatments. Pregnancy should be achieved by trying to prevent the value from increasing rather than the treatment method required to reduce the fsh high values ​​associated with age.