Causes of Postpartum Back Pain, How Does It Pass?

Causes of Postpartum Back Pain, How Does It Pass?

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Postpartum back pain causes low back pain? How is it treated? Post-pregnancy back and lower back pain is not caused by the developments during pregnancy or delivery. The flawless structure of the human body equally shares the baby’s burden on all limbs during pregnancy. Thus, the mother body does not feel any burden due to pregnancy.

However, due to reasons such as the body muscles that remain immobile during pregnancy and the carrying of the baby after pregnancy, the mother back pain begins.

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Causes of Back Pain After Pregnancy

The main reason for the onset of postpartum pain is that the mother’s body has been inactive for 9 months and has to constantly not carry the baby. Contrary to popular belief, pregnancy and birth are not situations that cause any wear or pain. The mother has to carry her baby all the time and can make unbalanced movements while lifting and lowering her baby, causes of postpartum back pain

It is the leading factor of .

Another factor that causes pain is the mother’s sitting incorrectly at the time of breastfeeding, that is, poor posture. The mother who breastfeeds her baby while sitting hunched over the baby constantly faces back pain. If you wish, which is our forum topic

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Ways to Reduce Back Pain After Pregnancy

For the treatment of postpartum back pain, by doing various exercises and movements with the approval of the doctor, these pains are eliminated. For the occurrence of back pain in nursing mothers, exercises and attention to sitting style will also allow the pain to pass.

There are some ways to reduce back pain that occurs after birth and can be listed as follows:

  • With the doctor’s approval, a gradually increasing exercise program should be started.
  • Activities that will relax the muscles such as walking and swimming can be preferred.
  • Always stand upright when standing.
  • Much attention should be paid to sitting. You should always sit upright. The spine should not be curved.
  • Comfortable shoes should be preferred.
  • Attention should be paid to sleeping patterns.