Causes Postpartum Itching? How Does It Pass?

Causes Postpartum Itching? How Does It Pass?

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Postpartum itching is a normal condition that many people experience. The mother’s body, which is exposed to many physiological changes during pregnancy, may react with minor itching during certain periods of pregnancy and after birth. Itching and blistering after birth s higher than normal indicates that help from a physician should be sought.

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  • Causes Postpartum Itching?
  • Cause of Postpartum Itching
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Causes Postpartum Itching?

Postpartum itching, which can cause discomfort that mothers do not even allow mothers to sleep or sit, generally disappear spontaneously within a certain period of time. In addition to itching due to bile, allergic itching can be seen in the puerperium.

In general, itching, which does not pose any problem for the mother or the baby, can be the harbinger of different problems when it becomes unbearable.

post-pregnancy itching

Cause of Postpartum Itching

The reason for itching after birth is that the bile salts in the liver deviate from their normal course and accumulate under the skin during pregnancy. These itches, which start especially in the last four months of pregnancy, generally pass after birth. However, in some cases, it manifests itself with mild itching after birth or by reflecting. This situation, which is considered a very natural reaction, disappears thanks to very simple measures.

Due to pregnancy, the flow of bile in the liver begins to slow down and travels from the liver to under the skin and accumulates under the skin. The name given to this condition is pregnancy cholastasis. Itching in the vagina after childbirth

In addition to the occurrence of , the onset of itching in other areas is among the events that are considered normal. If you wish, you can take a look at Natural Treatment Ways for Vaginal Itching.

Postpartum pruritus

Method to Reduce Postpartum Itching

In order to heal the itching that starts after birth, some very simple methods should be applied. The ways to reduce this condition, which is considered as a normal reaction after pregnancy, can be listed as follows:

  • Attention should be paid to the choice of clothing. Instead of woolen and synthetic fabrics that will increase itching, clothes made from natural and healthy fabrics such as 100% cotton or linen should be chosen. In addition, tight clothing should be avoided.
  • The environment where the person is located should always be cool.
  • Take frequent, warm baths so that the skin relaxes.
  • After the shower, moisturizers and creams that have an itch-reducing effect should be used.
  • For itching that does not decrease despite these applications, it is necessary to get help from a specialist.