Cholesterol Treatment in Children 3 Methods

Cholesterol Treatment in Children 3 Methods

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High cholesterol in children is caused by unhealthy diet, genetics and not moving too much In children cholesterol treatment with you in our article …

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  • Cholesterol Treatment in Children
    • Healthy Diet Treatment for Children
    • Exercise / Physical Activity
    • Cholesterol Drug Therapy
  • What Are the Ideal Cholesterol Values ​​in Children?
  • Causes of Cholesterol

Cholesterol Treatment in Children

In Turkey, 20% of children are seen in sin. Particularly, low HDL levels are more common than other countries. It appears with an irregularity in blood fat and then causes cardiovascular health problems. Treatment methods for cholesterol treatment in children are as follows:

cholesterol treatment in children

Healthy Diet Treatment for Children

Given to children with cholesterol in diets Fat and cholesterol intake is reduced and carbohydrate intake is increased. This is because it is desired to reduce good cholesterol and increase triglyceride. So; total received by the child at the rate of oil is to set the correct order without making any changes, only considering the health of the type of oil taken. If you wish, you can take a look at our Child Diet article.

High cholesterol in children

Exercise / Physical Activity

The child needs to exercise for an average of 20 to 45 minutes each day. It should be encouraged to do sports, to be interested in any kind of sport. The duration of activities such as watching television and playing computer, which may cause children to be inactive for more than 2 hours, should be reduced. Because it can cause obesity and indirectly cholesterol. If you wish, our forum topic The Effect of Child Nutrition on Heart Health you can browse…

How to feed a child with cholesterol

Cholesterol Drug Therapy

Children who are on a diet and doing physical activity but whose cholesterol level has not decreased and who are also over 10 years old drug therapy is applied.

What Are the Ideal Cholesterol Values ​​in Children?

In children cholesterol value is looked at as total cholesterol and LDL cholesterol. Accepted ideal cholesterol is 170 mg / dl for total and 110 mg / dl for LDL. The limit for total cholesterol is between 170 and 199 mg / dl. For LDL cholesterol, the limit is between 110 and 129 mg / dl. For total cholesterol, more than 200 mg / dl is considered high. LDL cholesterol

For , more than 130 mg / dl is considered high.

Ideal Cholesterol Values ​​in Children

Causes of Cholesterol

Some of the causes of cholesterol are:

  • Consuming saturated and trans fatty foods increases cholesterol.
  • If the mother and father have high cholesterol levels, the child is also at risk of cholesterol.
  • Cholesterol rises in case of excess body weight. It also poses a risk in terms of cardiovascular health.
  • People who do not do regular physical activity have a cholesterol problem.