Comfortable Steps with High Heels

Comfortable Steps with High Heels

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Heels is among the essentials of women. Even if it is not preferred in daily life, it may be necessary to wear high heels in the working environment, special days and celebrations and invitations. It is important that the shoes are comfortable, but every heel is always tiring and uncomfortable after wearing for a certain time.

High heels

To spend a comfortable day with , shoe selection should be made correctly. Comfort and convenience, compatibility with the foot structure are important. Women who always wear high-heeled shoes can wear it without difficulty, walk comfortably and use it without feeling pain because their foot structures are shaped.

To Wear Comfortable Heeled Shoes

Protecting foot health and when you wear heels to maintain;

  • Rest but don’t take off your heels. Removing the heels when they are too tired causes them to be more sore and sore when wearing them again.
  • Be sure to try the newly purchased heels and use them in the store for 5-10 minutes. Walk and decide if it suits your feet. When buying high-heeled shoes, it may seem like it is compatible with your feet and extremely comfortable. However, when you stand for a long time and stay on your feet all day long, it can be uncomfortable. Choose whether it is suitable for your foot structure, paying attention to the skin of the shoe and its flexibility, the thinness of the heel and the thickness of the rubber attached to the lower part.
  • When buying shoes, put them on a flat surface and touch them lightly, if the high-heeled shoes immediately fall off or if you press it with your hand and slide it from the heel to the right or left, you can choose a different model.
  • Choosing the right number, choosing heels is the most important factor. Split numbers should be preferred, and silicone gap should be left inside the shoes.
  • Refrigerate to expand tight shoes. Molds can spoil the elegant shoe model. Place the water-filled bags in the shoes and keep them in the refrigerator. It will expand comfortably.