Crawling, Walking, Running and Jumping Periods in Babies

Crawling, Walking, Running and Jumping Periods in Babies

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Babies’ crawling periods

Every stage of the process between and their crazy fun, hopping and jumping is quite fun. After the first step expected with love, enthusiasm and excitement, it is one of the most beautiful scenery in the world that they run and play games.

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  • Crawling, Walking, Running and Jumping Periods in Babies
    • First Steps and Running Steps
    • Crawling in Babies
    • Walking in Babies

Crawling, Walking, Running and Jumping Periods in Babies

Babies start to walk It takes place over 18 months. The most special moments of their development process are first sitting position, then pulling their knees, crawling, foal standing and walking.

First Steps and Running Steps

Crawling and walking

During the period, parents should take care, support, but not pressure. They should not be forced and tired to walk constantly.

Walkers with the old name spider, new name, babies walking is one of the most basic tools. However, they should not be left on a walker for long hours, which may be inconvenient for the development of babies.

Babies make their first moves towards crawling by turning their heads in the right and left directions while they are not yet able to crawl in the first months. With the development of the neck muscles, it is ensured that it can hold its head upright and sit.

It can turn to the right and left in the period of 3-5, and can sit with support. From 6 months onwards, he / she can sit down and perform various movements.

Crawling in Babies

They begin to crawl between 6 and 9 months when the spine development reaches a sufficient level. This process is a spontaneous process.

Each baby is different and can be crawled forward or backward. Some babies start walking directly before they pass the crawling process. It is a process in which physical development and characteristics of children are determined.

9 months old babies provides sophistication that can lift itself, stand and move by holding it.

Walking in Babies

Developing in 11- 18 month periods walking period requires 12 months to fully provide. Small steps or jogging steps, walking short distances, walking by holding the hand of adults are developed in this process.

Frequent falling and standing up of babies when they start walking are important stages for their character, psychological and physical development to be completed, to be strong.