Death Symptoms of an Alzheimer’s Patient

Death Symptoms of an Alzheimer’s Patient

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Death indicators of Alzheimer’s patients actually occurs with the disease entering its final stage. Last TSI (Turkey Statistical Institute) in our country there are 500 thousand Alzheimer’s patients according to data from the last five years Alzheimer’s disease

It is stated that deaths due to have doubled.

How Many Years Do Alzheimer’s Patients Live?

Life span of Alzheimer’s patients varies according to the stage of diagnosis from the time of diagnosis. Alzheimer’s

Depending on the stage of the disease , the lifespan varies between 3 years and 20 years after diagnosis. Of course, these situations are valid for situations where the patient does not have another disease.

Alzheimer’s death

End Stage of the Disease

End stage of Alzheimer’s disease

Patients in are unable to meet their daily needs and need support to meet these needs. In the last stage of the disease, the patient becomes completely in need of care. The patient who has frequent physical problems may become bedridden. During this period, the patient begins to forget physical abilities such as walking, sitting and swallowing. Especially, patients who have difficulties in communicating may even lose their ability to smile. During this period, patients should continue to take their medication. Although it is now impossible to cure the disease, it is effective in reducing the effects of the disease.