Determine the Color That Works Best for You

Determine the Color That Works Best for You

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Determining skin color

By using and the techniques of determining the undertones of the skin, you can choose the colors that best suit you and make your combinations more stylish. One of the techniques used to determine undertones is the metal function.

Determining Skin Color with Metal Function

Gold and silver color are factors that determine whether the skin has warm or cold undertones. Hold both metals on your skin and decide which one suits you best. Silver and platinum colors offer a more elegant look on skin with cold tones.

Warm toned skin

In people with structure, gold and rose gold tones are more elegant and elegant.

Hair Color, Eye Color Factor

Of persons natural hair colors is highly effective in determining skin colors. Eye color is also among the techniques used to determine undertones. Hair colors in people with colored eyes are generally; It happens in yellow, brown, brown and ashy tones.

Hair colors in people with hazel eyes and brown eyes are black and dark brown, copper and red.

Which Color to Which Tone?

people with warm tones; Red, orange and yellow tones, peach, bronze, copper and gold tones look better. Pink, red and blue tones are more suitable for people with cold tones.

Clothing selection, if you evaluate according to skin tones, you can create combinations that suit you better.