Does Facial Cleansing Gel Cause Acne?

Does Facial Cleansing Gel Cause Acne?

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Facial cleansing gels increase acne is actually a condition that differs from person to person. Each person’s skin type and reaction to the products used are quite different. Some facial cleansing gels does not cause any effect in some people, while it may cause quite different effects in some people. For this, it is very important for people with problematic skin such as acne to consult with a dermatologist and use the product suitable for them.

Products Used in Acne Treatment

There are many different products used in acne treatment. These products, which are generally antibacterial, prevent the formation of a new acne by preventing the bacteria that continue to spread on the skin. However, antibacterial products usually contain gram-positive active ingredients. While these substances prevent inflammation in acne-prone skin that can occur due to other reasons, they do not work for acne. For this, it is recommended that people get support from an expert when choosing the right product.

Anti-Acne Cleansing Milk

Cleansing milks used for spotty skin are mostly used for removing make-up on problematic skin. These products, which contain high levels of makeup-removing chemicals, do not disturb the pH balance of the skin and may cause more acne. The reason for this is that these products contain a lot of moisturizer and oil to prevent skin dryness. Especially in cleansing milk to be used for acne skin is recommended to use oil-free products.