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Does quinoa weaken, who can use it, what is quinoa, its recipes are with you in our article… Quinoa, which grows in the Andes Mountains in South America and is based on the Incas, looks like a grain but is not a grain. Quinoa is closer to beet and spinach-style herbs. Long used by the peoples of South America, quinoa has been a popular food with the discovery of its nutritional value and what is quinoa aroused the question.

It was used by Quinoa Nasa to meet the nutritional needs of astronauts. The year 2013 has been declared as the year of quinoa by the United Nations (UN).

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  • What is quinoa?
  • What Are the Nutritional Values ​​of Quinoa Seeds?
  • What Are the Benefits of Quinoa?
  • Does Quinoa Weaken?
  • How to use quinoa?
  • Use of Quinoa for Celiac Patients

What is quinoa?

Although it looks like cereals, quinoa is a herbaceous plant and belongs to the spinach family. With its nutritious and fleshy leaves, the blooming flowers of quinoa turn into seeds that are rich in nutrients. These small seeds are the part of quinoa that is eaten.

Wheat and rice are the two main types of grains that feed the world population. Foods that meet the body’s basic protein needs are wheat and rice. A lot of water is needed for rice production. Rice and wheat production has also decreased with the decrease in water resources around the world and global warming. Therefore, as an alternative food, quinoa, which can be produced in all kinds of soil and has no water and fertilizer problems, has come to the fore.

quinoa seeds

What Are the Nutritional Values ​​of Quinoa Seeds?

Quinoa seed is the edible part of the plant. Despite its small appearance, quinoa seeds are very nutritious. Quinoa seeds contain all of the essential amino acids and a high protein content. Among the vegetable foods, quinoa is the food with the highest protein content. The basic building blocks that make up protein are amino acids. 9 out of 20 amino acids in the human body cannot be produced by the body. These should be taken from animal foods such as meat, yoghurt and milk. Quinoa contains all of these 9 amino acids. Quinoa contains almost as much amino acids as meat and the absorption of quinoa amino acids is higher than meat.

In addition, quinoa seeds contain high levels of vitamins, minerals and fiber. Quinoa seeds contain vitamins A, B, C, D and K. Despite this rich content, there is no cholesterol in quinoa seeds. Apart from these, quinoa seeds are also rich in magnesium, iron, zinc, calcium and phosphorus. With the discovery of this rich ingredient by people, curiosity about what is quinoa and what are the benefits of quinoa has started to awaken.

What Are the Benefits of Quinoa?

Tiny quinoa seeds, which can be taken from many different foods alone, containing body requirements, are very beneficial for human health.

quinoa seed benefits

We can list the commonly known quinoa benefits as follows:

  1. Prevents cancer formation.
  2. It protects cardiovascular health.
  3. Strengthens bones and teeth.
  4. It is good for high blood pressure.
  5. Good for diabetes
  6. Protects against spring allergy.
  7. It is an antioxidant.
  8. Increases breast milk.
  9. It accelerates the healing of postoperative wounds.
  10. Delays aging.
  11. It is good for anemia.
  12. It is good for constipation.
quinoa seed slimming

Does Quinoa Weaken?

One of the most frequently asked questions about quino that comes to the fore with its rich content is it possible to lose weight with quinoa? For those who want to lose weight with quinoa, quinoa additions are as follows:

Quinoa contains high amounts of protein. It gives a feeling of satiety and does not increase cholesterol. It speeds up the metabolism with its rich calcium content. It prevents edema in the body. It contributes to sports and dieters by providing energy to the body. It also protects muscle and bone health in dieters and sports. It meets many nutritional needs of the body without weight gain in dieters. Those who use Quinoa to lose weight can look at our forum topic.

How to use quinoa?

Despite its high nutritional value, quinoa is low in fat and does not gain weight. Due to its easy digestibility, it is a suitable food for all age groups from babies to the elderly. It is also an ideal food for vegetarians to meet their protein needs. How is Quinoa Used in Food? You can examine our topic named.

Use of Quinoa for Celiac Patients

Since it does not contain gluten, it is a suitable product for celiac patients. When all these features come together, it became inevitable for kino. As in many societies around the world, interest in quinoa has been awakened in our country. In our country, quinoa has taken its place in the aisles of many markets as an easily accessible product. However, the question of how to use quinoa is often asked for quinoa, which is a new product for our society.

Quinoa has a distinctive aroma and a dominant flavor and no overpowering odor. Quinoa is a delicious and light food. It can be used in all dishes in which bulgur and rice is used. Quinoa can be added to meals as a side dish, used in soups, and made pilaf. It can be turned into flour and put into cake, cake and cookie dough. Again, for those who ask the question of how to use quinoa, using boiled quinoa in salads may be a good option.