Effective suggestions that will save you money by preventing waste in Ramadan

Effective suggestions that will save you money by preventing waste in Ramadan

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There is a rush to spend the month of abundance and abundance in our homes in the best way, Ramadan. It is necessary to avoid waste for both our health and our budget at tables set up more carefully than ever before. So, what measures can we take to prevent waste in our homes and tables during Ramadan? Here are the details …

Prepare your shopping list in advance

Collecting your Ramadan shopping will save you time and effort as well as reducing the cost of shopping. With a detailed list that you will prepare before you go shopping and stick to it while shopping, you will both buy the products you really need and you will not waste time shopping. You can also contribute to your budget by taking advantage of mass shopping campaigns. Moreover, by doing mass shopping, you get tired once; but you will be comfortable during the month.

Pay attention to the shelf life of the products you will buy.

It is always advantageous to choose the largest sizes for products with long shelf life such as flour, sugar, legumes and oil. Because when we compare the prices of 10 packages of 1 kilogram of flour and 10 kilograms of single package of flour, we see that the price of 10 kilograms of single package flour is more appropriate. The most important point to be considered here; The expiry date of the product you will purchase should be as long as possible.

Attention when buying perishable products!

When shopping in Ramadan, you should remember that your meals will decrease to 2. In these two meals, you will want to consume a lot of variety but small portions in order to get enough of each food. Therefore, when shopping, purchasing perishable foods such as vegetables and fruits with grain count can prevent unnecessary waste.

Don’t forget to take advantage of leftovers

Especially iftar tables; It is carefully installed to first appeal to the eyes and then to the stomachs. But after a long period of hunger, there are inevitably leftover meals at the tables. For these increasing meals, alternatives should be considered for the next sahur or iftar. For example; You can bake the leftover breads to chop them into your soup at the next table, or you can crumble them to the consistency of flour and store them in your fridges to use as a meatball mixture.

Saving is a must on everything, not just food!

One of the most beautiful features of the month of Ramadan is iftar meals, where you can sit together and have pleasant conversations. Of course, it may not be possible to say the same for the dishes that come after crowded tables. The waste prevention measures taken for the table are also valid here, and attention should be paid to water and detergent consumption. In this sense, it is very important that you choose the right dishwashing detergent. Detergents that clean deeply with little scale allow you to save both water and dishwashing detergent.

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