False Eyelash Cleaning Methods

False Eyelash Cleaning Methods

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Cleaning false eyelashes is an eyelash care using make-up removers to ensure long-term use of eyelashes. If the false eyelashes are not taken care of, problems will occur in their re-use and results that may lead to eye infections will be encountered.

Chemical Ways in False Eyelash Removal

For cleaning false eyelashes eyelash cleaning solution can be used. This solution can be found in some cosmetic stores or can be found in the packages of false eyelashes. When using mascara or glue, eyelashes should be cleaned gently using a solution and cotton.

Cleaning with dish soap using false eyelashes is among the most preferred cleaning methods. For this, the water that the hand can withstand is filled in a container and dishwashing detergent is poured on it. Then the eyelashes are thrown into it and the glue and mascara are removed.

Natural Ways in False Eyelash Removal

Coconut oil is among the methods used in false eyelash cleansing. In this method, false eyelashes are cleaned with coconut oil poured on cotton. Tweezers and cotton swabs can be used for adhesive residues that cotton cannot clean.

Herbal baby shampoos too false eyelashes adhesive is among the materials that will release. False eyelashes soaked in baby shampoo and warm water for about two minutes are cleaned with a towel. Tweezers can be used for glue residues that are difficult to remove. Against the risk of infection, hands should be disinfected before using all false eyelashes. After making sure that it is dry even after the cleaning phase, it should be stored in a storage container.