Fast Weight Loss Ender Saraç Special Date Diet List

Fast Weight Loss Ender Saraç Special Date Diet List

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Diet lists that accelerate weight loss is the best way to quickly get rid of even more noticeable extra pounds, especially in summer. A new one comes out almost every day Diet that loses 20 kilos in 1 week, you may have seen lists such as the diet that lost 15 kilos in 3 days in news, newspapers or internet pages. Although all of these diets claim to lose weight very quickly with different methods, many of those who try are disappointed. Those who follow such diets cannot lose as much weight as they expect, and their health is also badly affected. Those who want to lose weight in a fast and healthy way should either consult dieticians and start diets suitable for their age, weight and metabolic rate, or choose the diet lists recommended by people who are really specialized in this field.

Ender Saraç Special Diet List

Ender Saraç date diet

With , it is possible to lose up to 7 kilos in 1 week. You will get rid of the excess weight especially around the belly quickly and healthily with the date diet prepared by Ender Saraç.

date diet

Preparation of Date Date Diet

  1. In this diet, which is quite simple, every meal, morning, noon and evening, 7 dates and 1 bowl of fat-free diet you need to eat yogurt.
  2. In this diet where you will consume 21 dates and 3 bowls of diet yoghurt in 1 day, most of the nutrients and minerals you need in a day are available in dates and yoghurt.
  3. If you cut the dates into water 1 day before, the laxative effectiveness of the date increases and the satiety feature increases. One of the points you should pay attention to in this diet is that the dates you choose are high quality and clean.
  4. In addition, water consumption should not be missed and plenty of water consumption should be made.
  5. Ender Saraç melting belly diet

    Thanks to , it is possible to lose between 5 and 7 kilos in a healthy way, depending on the fat in your body.