Herbal Remedies for Heartburn

Herbal Remedies for Heartburn

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Heartburn is felt before, during or two or three hours after eating. Foods are prepared to be sent to the intestines by undergoing the first changes in the stomach as a requirement of the digestive function.

While the stomach performs this function, it stimulates the secretory cells in the lower part of the membrane covering its inner surface to ensure the necessary exchange of nutrients. An imbalance that occurs in the meantime causes too much acidic environment and the stomach’s inability to protect itself, causing a burning sensation.

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  • How Much Should People With Heartburn Should Eat?
  • How Should the Sleep Pattern be in Heartburn?
  • Foods and Drinks to Avoid Heartburn
  • Herbal Remedies For Heartburn
    • Cauliflower
    • Potato
    • Apple cider vinegar
    • Mineral water
    • Spinach
    • Olive oil
    • Legume
    • Banana
    • Toasted bread
    • Liquorice

How Much Should People With Heartburn Should Eat?

Get up without getting full from the table. Since the stomach is an empty bag, the stomach constantly expands as the foods we chew while eating reach here. It is natural to hear a burning sensation if you are too tight with your belt. Think of a full plastic bag.

Tie a rope tightly in the middle like a belt. The bag will pull left or right or hang down. Same with the stomach… Therefore, eat in moderation.

Sit at the table and eat without hurrying. Eating in a hurry damages the stomach work. Take more time for yourself and make eating a joy, not a must.

Taking small bites in your mouth helps the stomach to produce secretions needed for digestion more easily. Chew the donuts for a long time. This ensures that you do not feel bloated and heavy in your stomach. How Is Heartburn During Pregnancy?

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How Should the Sleep Pattern be in Heartburn?

Do not have palate breaks right after the evening meal. Otherwise, stomach would work all through a night and gets tired. Least time between dinner and sleep three hours

It should be . So go to bed at least 3 hours after eating. Do not lie on your right side while lying down at night.

Since the food enters the stomach from the right side, what you eat cannot be digested enough burning in the stomach tube sensation may occur. If you need to bend down after eating, bend your knees. Otherwise, the stomach cannot function properly. Too hot or cold food and drink can damage stomach fluid.

For this reason, make sure that food and drinks are warm. Stay away from smoking. Do not lie down after eating. Remember, gastric fluid does not like the horizontal position and the burning sensation can come through the stomach tube to your mouth.

Foods and Drinks to Avoid Heartburn

Remove indigestible fries and fatty foods from your table. Do not eat heavy-fat, over-creamed or sauces. Chocolate causes a burning sensation by damaging the sensitive stomach due to the high doses of fat and caffeine it contains.

Since milk chocolate is more dangerous than dark chocolate with less fat, chocolate lovers should generally prefer the milkless one. Caffeinated drinks are very harmful to the stomach. Drinks like coffee, tea, and cola tire the sensitive stomach. If you complain of heartburn and cannot do without coffee, choose decaffeinated coffee.

Drink soft drinks and acidic juices less. Avoid soups made with broth. But do not drink the other soups hot. Wait for it to be soothed. Alcohol increases the burning sensation in the stomach, stay away from alcohol. Raw onion and raw fruit are also factors that increase stomach acid.

Herbal Remedies for Heartburn

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Boiled cauliflower can relieve all problems by protecting the stomach from acid attacks. The gefarnato ingredient is used as the raw material of ulcer medicine.


Raw potato juice is a natural remedy for heartburn. Peel the potato and squeeze the juice in the fruit press. Drink it by mixing it with water, carrot juice or celery juice.

Apple cider vinegar

You can use apple cider vinegar in salads.

Mineral water

It neutralizes most of the stomach acid. It can be drunk after meals.


Steam spinach or boil it. Eat its fresh leaves as salad.

Olive oil

When used raw, it reduces the duration of food in the stomach and increases bile secretion for digestion of fats.


The bioflavionid substance present in beans, peas and lentils increases the protection function of the stomach.


It is at the top of the stomach-loving fruits. Eating a banana in snacks can eliminate the burning sensation in the stomach. Bananas, also increases the production of stomach enzymes and cells.

Toasted bread

It removes the burning sensation by drying the excess acid secreted by the stomach.


A strong stomach protector and friend. According to the latest reviews, it reduces acidification in the stomach.