Herbal Solutions to Relieve Edema During Pregnancy

Herbal Solutions to Relieve Edema During Pregnancy

How Is Postpartum Edema Released?
Herbal Solutions to Relieve Edema During Pregnancy
Effective Edema Reducing Diet Program

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Herbal edema removers in pregnancy offers solutions to comfort the mothers in this sensitive period in terms of not harming the baby. Although these swelling in the hands, arms, feet and ankles caused by edema, which are among the symptoms of pregnancy, cause discomfort to the mother, due to side effects. pregnancy edema remover drugs cannot be used. Herbal recipes recommended by experts help expectant mothers to have a comfortable pregnancy process by giving the greatest support in removing edema.

What Is Edema, What Are The Harms Of Edema During Pregnancy?

Edema is simply expressed as fluid collection of body tissues. During pregnancy, the baby’s fluid need from the mother causes the body to produce approximately 50% more blood and water than normal conditions. These fluids produced accumulate in different parts of the body and cause edema. With edema in pregnancy, which is a difficult process, the process becomes more difficult for expectant mothers and they worry whether the edema will harm them or their babies. Is edema dangerous during pregnancy

In order to give a definite yes or no answer to the question

  • In the hands and arms,
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It should be paid attention to whether sudden swelling occurs. Medical assistance may be required if sudden swelling is experienced in these areas.

What Are Edema-Relieving Herbal Teas During Pregnancy?

In addition to some improvements to be made on my return to pregnancy, getting support from herbal teas helps to reduce edema. Tea for edema during pregnancy, along with the recommendations, reduce salt intake, exercise regularly, avoid going out in hot weather, and apply cold compresses and massage to the edematous areas. With these changes in living standards;

  • Chamomile tea,
  • Fennel tea,
  • Parsley tea,
  • Cardamom tea

Consuming helps to get rid of edema and reduces swelling. İbrahim Saraçoğlu herbal teas during pregnancy recommends consuming chicory tea together with the explanations of directing towards fiber foods, consuming plenty of water and balanced nutrition. Adding his warnings about the abandonment of harmful habits, Saraçoğlu states that especially caffeine, alcohol and cigarette consumption during pregnancy cause great harm for both the baby and the mother-to-be and that these habits should be quit urgently.