Herbal Treatment of Vascular Occlusion, Natural Solution

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Heart vascular occlusion one of the signs is tightness and pressure in the chest. Plaques that accumulate in the blood can cause occlusion of the coronary arteries. If the heart muscles cannot get enough oxygen, cardiovascular occlusion occurs.

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  • What is Vascular Occlusion?
  • Vascular Occlusion Symptoms
  • Causes Vascular Occlusion?
  • How to Treat Vascular Occlusion?
  • Herbal Treatment of Vascular Occlusion

What is Vascular Occlusion?

In veins blood flow enough oil build-up to prevent and cholesterol

In the case of an increase in , vascular occlusion occurs. It is a dangerous disorder because it causes oxygen to not reach organs such as the brain, heart, arms and legs.

Vascular Occlusion Symptoms

Symptoms of arm vascular occlusion and the symptoms of cerebral vascular and cardiovascular occlusion are also different. Some of the symptoms of cardiovascular occlusion are as follows:

  • Pressure on shoulder, arm and neck area,
  • Shortness of breath,
  • Heart rhythm irregularity,
  • Chest pain after physical activity.

Causes Vascular Occlusion?

One of the causes of vascular occlusion disease is high blood pressure. In addition, diabetes can lead to vascular occlusion in smoking and unhealthy diet. Age and genetic factors can also cause this disease. The answer to the question of how to detect cardiovascular occlusion is the application of tests such as ECO. In addition, effort tests can also be applied to patients.

Some of the causes of vascular occlusion are:

  • Having high bad cholesterol called LDL and simultaneously low good cholesterol called HDL
  • Diabetes
  • High blood pressure
  • Old age
  • Genetic factors
  • Irregular diet
  • Smoking

How to Treat Vascular Occlusion?

How to open cardiovascular occlusion There are different treatment methods that can be followed. The first of these methods is the intravenous administration of drugs that help remove clots. However, this method is not a very healthy and successful treatment. Therefore, this method is not used unless necessary.

The second method is angiography. For this, veins are entered from the groin or wrist. This entrance is made with a wire and the wire is delivered to the heart. With the wire brought to the heart, the area with congestion is opened with the help of a balloon. A stent is placed to prevent such a re-blockage.


If the blockage cannot be opened with , surgery is a must. Otherwise, this blockage will lead to a heart attack. Foods that can also be shown for those seeking herbal treatment for cardiovascular health are garlic, parsley and fiber foods.

Herbal Treatment for Vascular Occlusion

Herbal Treatment of Vascular Occlusion

One of the natural solutions used for vascular occlusion some of them are:

  • Cessation of malnutrition: Nutrition vascular occlusion is a direct influencing factor. Ready-made products such as hamburgers, french fries, chips and fatty foods such as kebab cause arteriosclerosis. By taking care not to eat at night and without missing meals during the day, the person can prevent vascular occlusion with proper nutrition.
  • Consuming high-fiber foods: It is important to consume foods containing high fiber content such as whole grains, oatmeal and beans.
  • Omega 3: Foods such as salmon, tuna fish, flax seeds oxidation of cholesterol should be consumed as it inhibits.
  • Vitamin E: Foods such as sunflower seeds should be consumed as they reduce inflammation of the vascular walls.