Home Tanning Cream 2 Recipes

Home Tanning Cream 2 Recipes

What Are The Benefits Of Carrots For The Skin? Hydrating Carrot Mask
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How to Make an Effective and Fast Tanning Spray at Home

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Natural bronzing cream making

Thanks to , instead of using the products containing various chemical substances on the skin, it is ensured that the skin that will come into direct contact with the sun does not cause any damage and the desired result is achieved.

Thanks to the mixtures made using various vegetable oils and natural methods, tanning the skin

It is possible to obtain products that will be useful in . There are various recipes that can be made to use on vacation or to be bronze in daily life. Thanks to the vegetable oils included in these natural mixtures, it is possible to provide benefits to the skin not only in tanning of the skin but also in many other issues.

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Home Carrot Bronzer Spray Recipe

Carrot tanning spray

By making , the body can have a bronze color without any burns or irritation. When it comes to making a bronzer with homemade recipes, the first ingredients used are carrots and cocoa. This recipe will talk about a bronzer made using carrots.

The necessary ingredients and steps for a home-made carrot tanner can be listed as follows:

  • 2 cups brown sugar
  • 1 unpeeled carrot
  • Sufficient amount of water


  • It is kept on the stove until the water reaches the boiling point,
  • Carrots are sliced,
  • Just before boiling water is added into the carrots,
  • Brown sugar is added to the mixture of carrots and hot water,
  • Turn down the fire and cook on low heat for about 3 hours,
  • At the end of 3 hours, the pot is removed from the fire and left to cool,
  • Finally, it is filtered to remove the carrot pieces inside.

The filtered liquid is placed in a spray bottle and applied once a week to skin previously exposed to the sun.

bronzing cream making

Making Cocoa Powder Bronzing Cream

Only two ingredients are needed to make a cocoa bronzer. Here are the steps to follow for making a cocoa powder bronzer:


  • Cocoa Powder
  • White Body Lotion

Preparation and Application;

  • Cocoa powder and white body lotion are mixed to form a cream.
  • The mixture obtained is rested for a while.
  • The obtained cream is applied to the sun-exposed skin.
  • To increase the darkness of the skin, the amount of cocoa powder should also be increased.

Cocoa powder has benefits in skin tanning as well as cocoa butter benefits. People who cannot find cocoa powder, home tanner with cocoa butter they can.

Topics Related to Tanning;

How to Make an Effective and Fast Tanning Spray at Home