Homemade Natural Cleaning Ingredients Recipes

Homemade Natural Cleaning Ingredients Recipes

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We bought from the markets cleaning products chemical, and even inhaling them is considered a cause of cancer by some experts. Natural cleaning products recipes you can make yourself at home in our article to homemade cleaning agents.

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  • Natural Cleaning Materials
    • Olive Oil
    • Natural Cleaning Agent Mixtures
    • Hydrogen Peroxide
    • Sodium Borate
    • Lemon
    • Carbonate
    • White Vinegar
  • Natural Cleaning Agent Recipe

Natural Cleaning Materials

We have listed natural cleaning materials you can make at home. Baking soda and vinegar are the best solution. You can clean your home with natural materials without using heavy chemicals.

Olive oil

The idea of ​​using olive oil as a surface cleaner may seem strange to you when you first hear about it. However, olive oil is a very ambitious ingredient for homemade natural cleaning. Mix half a glass of olive oil and half a glass of lemon juice in a bottle and use it to polish your wood surfaces.

Natural Cleaning Agent Mixtures

If you do not want to use chemicals in your home, mix herbal soap, white vinegar, baking soda, water and essential oil from herbalist, and remove the stain on your carpet.
To clean your entire carpet, mix 20-30 drops of orange, lavender, etc. fragrant essential oil with baking soda and clean your carpet with this mixture.

Hydrogen Peroxide

Mix peroxide and water into a spray bottle, and you can use this mixture for various purposes, such as removing stains on the fabric, anything stuck to the fabric.

All you have to do is spray some of this material with a spray, then rinse with water.

Sodium Borate

Sodium borate or borax are among the homemade cleaning products we can use to remove stains from kitchen and bathroom surfaces.


Lemon is also a great substance that you can use in home cleaning. Lemon is the best natural cleansing remedy as an oil and stain remover at the beginning of its cleaning benefits. You can make a DIY remover with lemon yourself at home. Mix it with 1 tea glass of lemon and 2 glasses of apple cider vinegar and your natural degreaser is ready. You can use this mixture in a spray bottle.


You can use baking soda to remove stubborn stains in the kitchen and bathroom and to clean the oven.
Rub the surface with baking soda, then wash and rinse.

White Vinegar

White vinegar is a super natural cleaning agent for kitchens and bathrooms. Mix half a cup of vinegar with 1/4 cup of water
and get a great surface cleaner. You can use it safely on your parquets.

How to Use Borax in Home Cleaning If You Wish? Does Borax Remove Stains? What are the harms? you can take a look.

Natural Cleaning Agent Recipe

If you do not want to use chemicals in your home. You can use this natural cleaning agent instead of bleach. You can use the bathroom, toilet and washbasins with peace of mind. Check out our simple and healthy recipe…


  • 1 glass of water
  • 1 tea glass of vinegar
  • Salt


Mix all the ingredients in a bowl. Our recipe is ready.