How Do Postpartum Spots Go?

How Do Postpartum Spots Go?

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Ways to beautify the postpartum stained face, the most important is to cut off contact with the sun. How are the spots on the face after birth?? If going out in the sun, sunscreen should be used. It should not be forgotten that these spots that occur during pregnancy are caused by hormonal changes. The rapid change of hormones during pregnancy is reflected in the skin. Therefore, it is natural to have skin spots during pregnancy. Pregnancy spot survivors has registered that contact with sunlight increases stains.

How to Close Postpartum Percent Blemishes?

Covering pregnancy spots with makeup is harmless if there is no inflammation on the skin surface. The spots, which are mostly brown color changes similar to age spots, do not increase when they are covered with make-up.

It can be seen that the spots are mostly on the face, and extend to the neck and abdomen and chest décolleté. In addition, these spots are not specific to pregnancy alone. These spots can also be seen in the presence of situations such as the use of pregnancy control pills that trigger the change of hormones.

Postpartum Percent Blemishes

Treatment of Pregnancy Spots

How are pregnancy spots gone?

The answer to the question can be given as follows:

  • Whitening Creams: The use of these creams whitens the skin and helps to cover blemishes.
  • Herbal Mixtures: Pregnancy spots, herbal cures, which have a little effect on the removal, should be used in consultation with the doctor in case the mother is breastfeeding.
  • Peeling and Laser: Laser is seen as the most permanent method for removing pregnancy spots. However, doing the job in competent places is important in terms of eliminating negative conditions such as skin burning and skin cancer.