How Do The Black Spots On The Lip Edge Pass? Herbal Solution

How Do The Black Spots On The Lip Edge Pass? Herbal Solution

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Black spots on the edge of the lips, darkening of the rim, darkening of the lip rim are with you in our herbal solutions in our article. Ways of passing black spots around the mouth undergoes measures such as regulating nutrition, vitamin supplements if necessary, careful contact with sun rays, and preventing hormone imbalances. Especially occurring in the case of hormone imbalances dark color around the mouth

In the case of , the doctor should be consulted and the path to be followed should be determined with the doctor’s advice.

Ways To Pass The Darkness Around The Mouth

While bleaching creams, peeling with chemical products and laser treatments can be applied for the problem of darkening around the lips, taking precautions such as protection from sunlight also prevents this situation. Lip edge darkening herbal solution

For , ingredients used in the kitchen such as tomato juice, lemon and honey cures can be used.

Allergy, scaly skin rash, skin damage and vitamin loss can be seen in chemical products. Therefore, more herbal cures are recommended to solve the problem.

How To Pass Black Spots On Lip Edges

Herbal Recommendations for Dark Circumference

Herbal treatment for blemishes around the mouth especially products such as potatoes, oats, honey are used. These cures can be listed as follows:

  • Tomato Juice: Apply the tomato juice around your mouth for 15 minutes and rinse.
  • Lemon and Sugar: Apply it around the mouth and rinse after 10 minutes. It can be applied once a week.
  • Almond Oil: Since it contains high Vitamin E, it prevents the darkening caused by vitamin deficiency.
  • Yoghurt: The method that gives good results on sensitive skin is made by washing the yogurt applied around the mouth with soap after 15 minutes.