How Does The Flu Pass In Allergic Children?

How Does The Flu Pass In Allergic Children?

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Allergic children have the flu are more likely than normal children. According to the opinion of experts, it is stated that children who are allergic are more likely to get respiratory infections than normal children. Same way allergic children gets flu faster than normal children. Because the flu triggers allergies, allergic children with the flu also suffer from allergies. This situation weakens the child’s defense system. Seen in allergic children high fever in flu and colds may be encountered. The first thing to do is to feed the child with foods and mixtures that will strengthen the child’s defense system and reduce the risk of getting flu.

Importance of Flu Vaccine in Allergic Children

Flu vaccine for allergic children is at a more important point than normal children. Especially children with respiratory allergies must have the flu vaccine.. Flu and cold medicines for children

The effect of is sufficient to some extent. Influenza vaccination is used to prevent the spread of the flu, to prevent deaths due to severe complications, to reduce the flu mutations that will occur as a result of the prolonged flu epidemic, to reduce the need for hospitalization and intensive care, to ensure the attendance of children to school and to prevent the flu from becoming more difficult due to allergic reasons. is important. However, children who are allergic to eggs and chicken should definitely not have the flu vaccine.

When Should the Flu Vaccine Be Done In Children?

Flu vaccine for allergic children must be done before the epidemic begins. In order for the flu vaccine to show its effect, it should have an incubation period of at least 2-3 weeks. For this reason, it is stated by the doctors that the vaccination should be done in autumn, especially in October. In allergic children mixtures that are good for flu can be used, and the onset of flu can be prevented by applying the following methods:

  • To prevent the child from coming into close contact with people with the flu
  • Making the child rest at home
  • Wearing a mask on a child
  • Washing the child’s hands constantly