How Does Uterine Open During Pregnancy, What Are The Symptoms?

How Does Uterine Open During Pregnancy, What Are The Symptoms?

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How is the uterine opening during pregnancy and how it gives symptoms is one of the issues that especially expectant mothers approaching the last period of pregnancy are very curious and worried. At this point, the definition of uterine opening should be fully stated.

What Does It Mean To Open The Uterus During Pregnancy?

What is the uterine opening during pregnancy

The answer to be given to the question is the name given to the full opening of the uterus of women, which were closed during their pregnancy and began to open towards the birth, as a result of contractions. In the literature, the time until the uterus is fully opened is expressed as the uterine opening. Although the definition used here to mean the full opening of the uterus is expressed as the opening of the uterus by 10 cm, it is also observed that this period takes an average of 6-10 hours with the onset of labor.

Symptoms of Uterine Opening During Pregnancy

During pregnancy symptoms of uterine opening is the same with the onset of labor, but in general, the labor of expectant mothers occurs long after the contractions begin, so labor begins. In this way, the first phase may even be over.

  • Severe contraction and stiffness in the abdomen
  • Difficulty walking
  • Severe anxiety
  • Water coming (water current) symptoms of uterine opening during pregnancy

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How Does Uterine Openning Begin?

As the baby itself initiates the birth, the pituitary hormone produced by the baby causes a decrease in the progesterone hormone, and as a result of this low, it is seen that the ocytocin hormone causes contractions. Simultaneously, when the prostagland hormone in the uterus increases and intensifies the contractions, the mucous plug is ejected and the situation called “water coming” occurs among the people. This situation also means that the birth has begun fully. Water break in pregnancy can vary between two hours and two days before birth, depending on the condition of the pregnant woman.