How Does Winding Pass? Natural Methods

How Does Winding Pass? Natural Methods

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Wind penetration treatment

For , it is necessary to first go to the internal medicine doctor. One of the most important causes of wind penetration is the exposure of muscles and joints to colds. Pain caused by wind penetration, also known as scab pain;

  • Arm, back and shoulder area,
  • It causes severe pain by entering the feet, neck and chest area.

Signs of wind in the chest may be in the form of severe pain, chills and tremors. It is necessary to keep the chest area warm in order to relieve the pain of wind penetration that causes the feeling of a needle sticking into the chest. One should not underestimate the pain that enters the chest area. First of all, it should not be neglected and should be checked by a doctor before evaluating continuous chest pains as wind.

The most important causes of wind on the feet are inactivity and muscle weakness. In addition, psychological factors and colds can cause this problem.

Recommended Herbal Remedies Against Wind Insertion

Herbal solution to wind penetration

The natural herbs required for and showing its positive effect are;

  • Karabaş grass should be boiled for 10 minutes by adding a pinch into 1 glass of water and consumed 4 times a day.
  • Cumin should be boiled for 10 minutes by adding a pinch into 1 glass of water and consumed 3 times a day.
  • It is necessary to apply the flax seed to the painful area and wrap it.
  • Celandine is boiled by adding a pinch of water to 1 glass of water and is recommended to be consumed before meals.
  • Horseradish should be sliced ​​and wrapped with a towel to the area entering the wind. It will be possible to see the benefits by waiting for 20 minutes.

Reasons of Wind in Rib

Wind in the rib is often among the health problems people face during the winter months. People who leave the left glass of their vehicle open will experience pain in their left ribs by causing the muscles to be damaged by cold. One of the reasons for winds entering the rib is irregular excessive exercises. It is inevitable that the ribs, which are one of the very sensitive areas, are affected by even minor events and pains occur.