How is the Dukan diet made? What are the features of the Dukan diet?

How is the Dukan diet made? What are the features of the Dukan diet?

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Presented among the most effective diets and providing fast weight loss Dukan diet is a protein-heavy diet. However, as in other diets, it should be done under the control of an expert and a doctor should be consulted if unhealthy symptoms occur.

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  • Lose 5 Weight in 1 Week with Dukan Diet
  • What is the Dukan Diet?
  • How to Make Dukan Diet?

With the Dukan Diet Lose 5 Weight in 1 Week me

There are various diet lists that can be applied to lose 5 kilos per week. Standard diet lists

Unlike , it is possible to achieve the desired weight in a short time thanks to these diets, which are slightly heavier and give precise results.

Lose 5 kg in 1 week One of the diets that are ambitious and considered quite popular is the “Dukan” diet.

What is the Dukan Diet?

Dukan diet is a high protein and low carbohydrate diet consisting of 4 separate parts. Dr. Dukan Diet, which was created by Pierre Dukan, is one of the diets known all over the world. The Dukan Diet, which is ambitious about losing 5 kg a week, consists of mostly meat-based meals.

How is the Dukan diet made?

The implementation of the Dukan diet consists of 4 separate stages. Each stage of the Dukan diet, which is classified as an attack period, a course period, a strengthening period and a protection period, is specially prepared according to the weight of the person and the weight loss process in the past. So the dukan diet, personalized diet list is a slimming program applied with the preparation method. In the Dukan diet list, it is aimed to weaken the person without facing any hunger.

Dukan diet list

People who apply lose weight quickly without any feeling of hunger. The dukan diet, which does not include any wrong attitude that will shock the body, is prepared by considering the sports life, weight loss history, diet and current weight of the people.

In the Dukan diet, carbohydrate intake is reduced and removed. If the carbohydrate that the body needs is not taken in the full sense, problems may occur in physical balance.

Dukan Diet Features

Unlike other diets, it is a very diverse diet with 100 kinds of nutrients and foods. Moreover, fast results can be obtained in the dukan diet, which offers unlimited eating options without being hungry.

With the Dukan diet rapid weight loss is provided in the first 5 days. By giving an average of 2 or 3 kilos at the beginning of the diet, a fast start is provided. In the first 10 days, the body is made stronger with dairy products, meat and eggs with high protein and fat burning is provided.

Dukan diet is not recommended for people with diabetes and cholesterol type diseases. It also has a prolonged diet program, it is also not recommended for people considering a short-term diet.