How Long Does Fever Last After Vaccination In Babies?

How Long Does Fever Last After Vaccination In Babies?

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Fever in babies after vaccination is a normal process. As it is known, vaccines are weakened microbes and they provide the body’s immunity against the microbes given to the body by the vaccine. Infants also have an increased fever after vaccination, according to the vaccination schedule, and this process is normal unless it takes a long time. With fever after vaccination;

How Long Does Rising Fever Last After Vaccination In Babies?

Redness and hardness at the vaccination site,
Skin rash at the vaccination site,
Restlessness in the baby,
The desire to sleep in the baby
When observed, support should be obtained from the nearest health institution.
Why Does Fever Rise in Babies After Vaccination?
Causes fever after vaccination in babies question is wondered by parents. Fever that rises after vaccination indicates that your baby is fighting germs, and the rise of fever in this process is considered normal.
How Long Does Rising Fever Last After Vaccination In Babies?
How long does fever last after vaccination in babies?

The question is an important question for you to decide whether to seek medical help or not. Although fever is normal in babies after vaccination, physician support should be obtained in cases of high fever exceeding 24 hours.

How to Reduce Fever After Vaccination in Babies?
It is risky to give medication to your baby without a doctor’s recommendation, how to reduce fever after vaccination in babies increases the importance of the answer to the question. Before you panic when you observe a fever in your baby after vaccination;
By giving Calpol appropriate for your baby’s age,
By trying to control high fever with a wet towel,
By dressing the baby in thin clothes
The fire should be reduced.
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