How much does it take to walk to lose weight?

How much does it take to walk to lose weight?

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Diet is not enough to lose weight. It should be supported with sports and the best way to do this is walking. How much does it take to walk to lose weight?

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  • How much does it take to walk to lose weight?
  • To Provide Walking Motivation
  • Things to Consider While Walking

How much does it take to walk to lose weight?

The most effective sport you need to do to lose weight fast and equally throughout the body is walking. If you do not want to go to the gyms with the arrival of the summer months or do you constantly postpone it because you feel tired even after signing up? Another method that will make you less tired and help you burn fat is outdoor walks. So how much walking should be done to lose weight?
The main factors affecting the calories burned while walking are your walking distance, speed and body weight. To get the result you want, you should follow a regular schedule and use a speed meter.

With these devices, you can learn how many steps you take during the day and how many calories you burn. Remember that you have to burn calories to lose weight and every step you take makes it easier for you to lose weight.

When Average Human Weight Is Calculated,

100 kcal = 2,000 steps = 1.6 km
1 kg = 140.000 steps = 7000 kcal = 112 km

For Walking More

  • Do not drive for short distances.
  • If your child’s school is close, walk to and from school.
  • Do not take a bus between close distances.
  • Do not choose elevators and escalators.
  • Take your pets outside. With him, you also act.

To Provide Walk Motivation

  • Ask a friend to join you to have a long chat while walking.
  • Make a list of the tempo music you love. Get a headset that is easy to use while walking.
  • Walk in safe but unfamiliar directions.
  • If you are going to use a walking belt at home, you can choose a TV series or a movie. This gives you a long walk.

Things to Consider While Walking

  • If you have cardiovascular disorders or any other health problem that will not prevent you from walking, consult your doctor.
  • Create a walking program as permitted by your doctor.
  • If you have not been doing sports for a long time, start with light paced walks instead of high. As your body loses weight, walks will be more comfortable.
  • If you cannot walk every day, try walking 3 or 4 days a week.
  • Start walking at least 1.5 hours after meals.
  • Try to stand up straight while walking. This will help protect your spine health.
  • Remember that walking at a brisk pace for a long time can harm you, not benefit you.