How should breastfeeding mothers be fed?

How should breastfeeding mothers be fed?

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After pregnancy as well as before pregnancy breastfeeding period feeding attention should be paid. If you say what a nursing mother should eat, we will share her list with you. .

It is very important to apply a healthy nutrition program during pregnancy. Also after the baby is born adequate and balanced nutrition of new mothers and nursing mothers is also an essential condition for the health of the mother and baby.

After birth The body needs self-recovery, strengthening. Diet of nursing mothers

If consists of healthy and beneficial foods, the mother’s milk production increases, the puerperium process is overcome more quickly. The breastfeeding period is at the initiative of women. It is recommended to only breastfeed the baby for at least 6 months. Breastfeeding should not exceed 2 years of age of the baby.

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  • What Should New Birth Mom Eat?
  • Why is Nutrition Important in Breastfeeding Process?
  • What is the Calorie Needs of a Nursing Mom?
  • How Should the Nutrition List Be During Breastfeeding?
    • Egg
    • Almond
    • Brown Rice
    • Oats
    • Spinach
    • Milk

What Should New Birth Mom Eat?

Some of the things that mothers who are breastfeeding should pay attention to in their diet are as follows:

  • Omega 3 should consume fish at least 2 times a week as it is a source. As it should be fresh; They can also choose to grill, stew or bake.
  • They should consume 1 egg every day as it is a source of protein. They can be eaten boiled or as an omelette or menemen.
  • They should drink at least one glass of milk every day to meet their protein and calcium needs. If they have gas complaints, they should prefer lactose-free milk.
  • They must consume cereal products such as bread, pasta or rice at every meal.
  • They should consume dried legumes at least 2 days a week. This is important in order to get vegetable protein.
  • They should take vitamin D.
  • They should use iodized salt in the food they consume in order to pass it on to the baby.

Why is Nutrition Important in Breastfeeding Process?


The 2 reasons why nutrition is important in the process are:

  • Keeping the mother’s health in balance
  • To ensure that the breast milk is sufficient and efficient so that the baby’s growth and development can be smooth

What is the Calorie Needs of a Nursing Mom?

In addition to the amount of calories that a nursing mother should take during the day, she should take another 700 calories. Since 200 of this is met from the food store during pregnancy; It is easier for breastfeeding mothers to lose weight. 500 calories come from the foods that the mother takes.

How Should the Nutrition List Be During Breastfeeding?

breastfeeding period feeding


Egg is a great source of protein with its rich amino acid content.
This useful food during breastfeeding will provide you with enough energy and strength to take care of yourself and your baby. In addition, the colic inside the egg plays a big role in building the memory centers of the baby. For a strong memory baby, do not miss the egg from your breakfast. You can consume it boiled, as an omelette or fried in oil.

how to feed breastfeeding mothers


Almond vitamin E and other essential oils are very important food for your baby’s bone development and healthy growth. The omega-3 fatty acids found in almonds also help increase milk production.
This healthy food also contains protein and calcium, which are essential nutrients for bones and teeth. If you wish

how to feed breastfeeding mothers

Brown Rice

Brown rice with its whole grain structure and high carbohydrate content
is a healthy and useful food, diet of nursing mothers must be included. Brown rice keeps your energy high and regulates your blood sugar.
Additionally, this fabulous food contains more fiber and nutritional values ‚Äč‚Äčthan white rice. It increases the rate and quality of breast milk. Before making brown rice, soak this grain in water for a few hours. Thus, it will be easier to digest and the plant will become more nutritious.

feeding of nursing mothers


Oats are one of the most popular lactogenic foods. This natural whole grain food is easily digestible due to its high fiber structure. It is very useful for new mothers suffering from constipation, which is a very common condition after childbirth.
With its rich iron extracts, it plays an active role in the fight against anemia seen in women who have just given birth. In addition to these, oat is a plant that increases breast milk. You can make use of oat flakes with milk and fruit at your breakfast or by making your pastries with this cereal.

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All leafy greens were great for nursing mothers, but spinach has a different place. With its high vitamin A content, it is a unique food for you and your baby. In addition, thanks to the iron content of folic acid extracts in spinach, the mother’s body who lost many resources during birth is very effective in producing blood cells again. Spinach contains manganese which helps in building bone, cartilage and collagen. This plant is a high source of calcium and vitamin C.

breastfeeding period feeding


Milk in feeding new mothers takes up quite an important place.
Drinking milk increases the proportion of breast milk. This beneficial food also contains lots of essential nutrients such as vitamins D and B. In addition to all these, the calcium in the milk passes from the baby to the mother through breastfeeding and thus affects the bone development of the baby. Milk moisturizes your skin from the inside with its high water content.