How to Breastfeed Babies Correctly?

How to Breastfeed Babies Correctly?

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Baby breastfeeding methods is especially important in terms of correct baby nutrition and gas problems. Keeping the baby in the breast does not mean active breastfeeding. It is necessary to make sure that the baby fully grasps the breast. How to keep baby while breastfeeding:

  • While the baby is sucking on the left breast, the mother should support sucking with 4 fingers of her right hand under the breast. Then, with the thumb, he should rub the breast up and down in order to ensure the milk flow.
  • The nipple and brown area should remain to fill the baby’s mouth.
  • While holding and breastfeeding the baby, care should be taken to keep the nostrils open.

How Should the Baby Be Breastfed?

Newborn baby breastfeeding techniques is important for the healthy and regular nutrition of the baby. It is necessary to breastfeed the baby for at least 15 minutes. After sucking the first breast for 15 minutes, the second breast should be sucked for 15 minutes and the baby’s gas should be removed between these two feedings. How long should the baby be breastfed?

The answer to the question is that it is every 2-3 hours. Especially new born babies should be breastfed at 2-hour intervals.

  • You should be in a comfortable position while breastfeeding. You can get support under your feet and a pillow under your arm.
  • The baby’s whole body should be facing you, not just the head.
  • You must contact the belly button with the baby.
  • Your baby should take the entire nipple. There may be some pain at the first grasp, but should not be felt when rhythmic sucking begins.
  • Both breasts should be given regularly until breastfeeding is in order.

How often should the baby be breastfed in the first days?

How often should a newborn baby be breastfed? occurs every two hours. Newborn babies should be breastfed at 2-hour intervals during the first 10 days. Regular breastfeeding of the baby will ensure that the digestive system works regularly. Especially in the first 20 days, breastfeeding at intervals of 2 to 3 hours is important to avoid gas problems. If the baby is irritable, does not suck enough, sleeps immediately when he comes to the breast, or wants to suck at very short intervals, it may mean that he is not being fed enough. In such cases, the mother can express her breast and start the milk flow. It is important that you start breastfeeding with a different breast each time.