How to Calm A Crying Baby? What is the 5S Rule?

How to Calm A Crying Baby? What is the 5S Rule?

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Calming the crying baby

US for child physician Harvey Karp; Derived the 5S rule. Of their children cries

Under they always feel hungry or gas pain, so this method should be applied to calm the crying child.

What is Harvey Karp’s 5S Rule?

Harvey Karp

The 5S rule of is as follows:

  • Swaddling (Swaddling): The swaddle is made in a way that the child can be comfortable inside, not tightly, and should be maintained in this way until the child is 5 months old. The so-called white noise should also appear in the room while the child is sleeping.
  • Side / Stomach position: The baby should be held and held face down while tilting to the right.
  • Shushing (means Shhhh): The baby’s ear should be called shhht so that it can remember the noisy environment in the mother’s womb and relax.
  • Swinging and jiggling: In order to remind the movement in the mother’s womb and make it relax, the baby’s head is kept under the hand and shaken.
  • Sucking: It is sucked by using a pacifier.

Should Babies Be Accustomed to Laps?

0-6 months babies they feel safest in the lap and it is not wrong to accustom these babies to the lap.