How to Care for Newborn Babies?

How to Care for Newborn Babies?

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Newborn skin care for babies should be done very carefully and skin care should be done with completely natural products. Because the newborn baby’s skin is very sensitive. It can quickly turn red, peel off, and become allergic. Newborns have a very thin wax-like layer. This layer will gradually peel off as you wash the baby. Leave this to time, do not suddenly peel off the thin layer on the baby..

How to Care for Newborn Babies?

Things to be careful about when taking care of baby skin and important points about how to do it are stated below;

  • Babies’ bodies are shaped like knuckles. Therefore, dirt accumulates and does not come out between these nodes. Take care to clean between these knuckles regularly.
  • Infants have skin deposits known as host, cradle cap. Do not lift them, wait for them to fall off over time.
  • If your baby’s skin is very dry, you can moisturize it with moisturizers after each bath.
  • If your baby has rashes in the joints or groin, it may be fungus. Be sure to consult a dermatologist.
  • Make sure your baby gets plenty of vitamin D from the sun for skin health. Vitamin D is very beneficial for the skin.

What is rubbed on a newborn baby’s face?

Necessary to rub the newborn baby’s face there is nothing. If your baby has a constant dryness on his face, you can moisturize his face with natural moisturizers. It is not right for you to drive something extra. If you have a skin disease, rash, etc. If available, you should consult a dermatologist.

How to Care for Nails in Babies?

You should regularly perform nail care, which is one of the important care routines for your baby. Otherwise, your baby’s nail will grow too long, he may hurt himself with his nail, and he may be sick due to the dirt accumulating between this extended nail. Important information about baby’s nail care is set out below;

  • Use baby nail scissors to cut your baby’s nails.
  • Be very careful when cutting his nails. You can strip the skin on your finger. To avoid this, hold the baby’s finger very carefully.
  • The growth time of baby’s toenails is much longer than fingernails and toenails are soft compared to fingernails. It will be sufficient to cut the toenails 1-2 times a month.

How Should Baby’s Clothes Be Washed?

Your baby’s skin may be allergic to the detergent you use while washing your baby’s clothes. For this, wash your baby’s clothes with a different detergent and wash the baby’s clothes separately from other clothes.

Other Issues Related to Baby Care;