How to Choose a Breastfeeding Athlete? What are the advantages?

How to Choose a Breastfeeding Athlete? What are the advantages?

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The most important thing to consider when choosing a breastfeeding athlete; breastfeeding athlete not for the size of the abdomen, to chest size. Because the abdominal swelling of the person will decrease a little more after birth, and the breastfeeding athlete will be comfortable. The person who will receive the breastfeeding athlete before birth; she should take it at 35 or 36 weeks of pregnancy. Because only during this period of a person’s pregnancy, the milk glands in the breasts complete their development. also to birth

This measure remains the same until and after birth.

Breastfeeding Tank or Nursing Bra?

If the person has given birth in the summer and does not get cold easily or get sick easily; There is no harm in using a breastfeeding bra. However, if the person has a structure that can be easily sick and has not given birth in the summer, it is more recommended to wear a breastfeeding vest. Since mothers are sensitive during the puerperium, there is no harm in wearing a breastfeeding vest immediately after birth. In addition, a breastfeeding tank top can be worn for the first 40 days. Athletes whose chest can be opened easily and without seams are the choice of mothers.

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What Are the Advantages of a Breastfeeding Athlete?

Some of the known benefits of the breastfeeding athlete include:

  • In order for the baby to be breastfed more easily, it has a design that allows the breast to be taken out easily.
  • Babies are sensitive and breastfeeding athlete because it comes into direct contact with babies, and also because it comes into contact with the person’s own body; They are made using antiallergic fabrics. Therefore, they are very suitable for use.
  • According to the researches of experts; Since the bras tighten the breast of women who wear bras, there is a clogging of the milk glands and a decrease in their milk. However, since the bras of breastfeeding athletes do not tighten the breast, it does not cause a decrease in milk.