How to Choose a Pregnancy Bra? What Should Be Considered?

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Choosing a pregnancy bra is one of the things that should be done carefully because of the changes in the body. In the first months of pregnancy, breast tenderness is seen and pain begins to be felt. During pregnancy as a result of constant change of hormones;

How to Choose a Pregnancy Bra? What Should Be Considered?

  • Weight gain
  • Preparations made by milk glands for breastfeeding
  • Symptoms such as heaviness and fullness of breasts begin to be seen from an early age.

As your pregnancy progresses, it will start to disturb you in your bras next to your unlike clothes. Since breasts can be deformed very easily during pregnancy, it is of great importance to choose the right bra. When to buy a maternity bra

The answer to the question depends on whether it is desired to be used both before and after birth.

Things to Consider While Choosing a Pregnancy Bra

Things to consider when choosing a pregnancy bra can be listed as follows;

  • During pregnancy, bras that may irritate the nipple should not be preferred. Especially, padded bras should be avoided.
  • Underwire bras should not be used during pregnancy.
  • The use of bras with thin straps during pregnancy can cause irritation.
  • The use of abundant bras during pregnancy can cause an increase in back pain.
  • Pregnant breastfeeding bra

    One of the biggest features of maternity bras, also known as , is that they can be easily opened and closed with one hand. This type of useful bras can be used both before and after birth.

How to Make the Best Pregnancy Choice?

The best maternity bra the choice is tailored to the person and making the wrong choices can cause deformation in the breasts. For breast health and during pregnancy, products with 100% cotton fabric should be preferred. It is very important that the pregnancy bra used is soft textured and does not cause irritation. Pregnancy bras;

  • Anti-sweat feature
  • Thick straps
  • Flexible structure
  • Must be in the appropriate size.